Day 68 – National Frappe Day

When you mention a frappe to someone, the logical question is what’s the difference between a frappe and a milk shake.  I answered this back on National Milkshake Day.  Milkshakes are made without ice cream while a frappe is made with ice cream.  I forgot about that today and when I went out in search of a frappe, I was looking for a wonderful new exotic beverage.  Turns out, I was just looking for a milkshake.

When I saw it was Frappe Day, I knew exactly where to go.  We have a small restaurant around the corner from us called Reidy’s (I think I have mentioned this before).  It’s a small neighborhood institution specializing in breakfast but also serving lunch and dinner.  It’s everything you need in a diner-type restaurant.  Good food, friendly staff, quick service and local flavor.  It’s an unassuming building and you could easily miss it if you were passing by.  The roadside sign for it pictures their famous “bottomless” cup of coffee.  On the building, there are more signs to let you know what’s happening inside.  The signs let all entering know about their All You Can Eat Fish & Chips on Friday (not that I’d be interested in that), they crow about their Belgian Waffles and they boast about their Frappes.  That’s what made me think of them when it came to frappes and I knew I had to celebrate here.


I went a little bit after 1 PM so the lunch rush was over and there were only a few people inside, most at the tables.  I sat down at one of the counter seats, right in the heart of the action.  The server came right over and I immediately ordered a Coffee Frappe.  For some reason I thought that this was the most popular frappe in these parts.  Maybe it is, because they were out of coffee ice cream.  I then went with a mocha one because the waitress suggested it and I had no idea what the flavor of mocha was.  It just seemed more exotic than chocolate.  She whipped one up while I looked over the lunch menu.  She came back in a few with a beautiful looking glass filled with a mocha colored beverage as well as a silver mixing cup with a little extra inside so I could refill my glass.  That was the exact look I was seeking.  It was perfect.


It was pretty good too.  Not too thick, but nice and chocolatey.  It ended up being the perfect complement to my cheeseburger, which was also quite tasty.  I sat there basking in the spoils of this celebration and enjoying a nice Friday lunch at one of our community institutions.  I have never eaten at Riedy’s alone – I’ve always been with Lola.  It was fun to watch the action, even though it was after the rush.  The servers were busy restocking everything after lunch (like the sugars and salt and pepper shakers), but they were chatting too.  A couple came in and the server knew exactly what kind of beverage they wanted and they ordered what had to be one of their regular meals that they get every Friday.  There was an older gent across the counter from me eating a plate full of what looked like fried scallops, minding his own business, but the server called him her regular and made some chit chat with him.  It kind of smelled like fried seafood in there today, so they must have had a big lunch crowd for the Fish and Chips, but it was clean and bright and a nice spot for a quick bite.  It wasn’t exquisite or anything fancy, but it sure was good old community living served with a smile.  The perfect place to enjoy a fresh made frappe.

We had our electrician friend come over this morning to take care of that little ‘issue’ from yesterday and he told me that he had been at Reidy’s that morning for breakfast.  Maybe that’s what put the seed in my head, but it was also nice to know that Reidy’s is there for the whole neighborhood.  It’s the place where you find your friends, your family, your neighbors, your electricians, your community.  Every town can have their fancy chain restaurants with all the bells and whistles, but if you want a place where you can feel the pulse of the town, you need a Reidy’s.  Plus they have great frappes too which deserve to be celebrated.

Next Up: National Pierogi Day 


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