Day 487 – National Mousse Day

You’re going to think I’m not even trying anymore. I have to apologize but it has just been a particularly busy week of work. I’ve been getting out late every day and there’s been no time to really prepare for a giant celebration. Even tonight with a celebration like mousse, which is really not all that hard to make. However, it takes time to set up – like a few hours. That just can’t be accomplished if I don’t get home until 8 pm. I’ve had to take some shortcuts. Today’s shortcut took me to Clements.

As things are beginning to wind down in this land of celebration, I have been a bit reflective on what has happened over the past 500 days. One thing that has happened is that I have spent a lot of time perusing the aisles of Clements. I’m not sure if they think I’m some strange guy with some eccentric fetish for grocery stores, but anytime I have been faced with a dilemma about what and how to celebrate, I look for answers there. I usually find an answer too. Tonight, I began my search for something mousse-y in the bakery department. They have a section where they sell individual desserts and I thought I have seen individual portions of mousse there before. No such luck tonight. However, I did find a Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake from Hershey’s sitting amidst the cheesecakes and birthday cakes in the refrigerated display case. That would work, but just to be sure, I decided to look around for any other options. I looked in the frozen foods section for some kind of frozen mousse. I scanned the ice cream for any random mousse flavored gelato. I scanned the prepared foods-to-go section in case they mixed up some mousse for the person looking for dinner on the go. I even looked by the puddings and Jell-O. In the end, the Hershey’s Mousse Cake was all I could find, so I grabbed it and headed to check out.


If you are celebrating mousse, you really want to celebrate it by scooping that fluffy chocolateness right into your mousse-hole by the spoonful. That’s not what this cake delivered. This was a cake, but it did have a layer of mousse in the middle. The mousse was good – light and fluffy – and paired well with the richness of the chocolate cake that surrounded it. The dark chocolate ganache on top including the fancy shavings and décor added more flavor to the party. It was a good cake – fresh and tasty – with great chocolate flavor that you would expect from anything Hershey’s. But it wasn’t exactly a celebration of mousse. Maybe it was. I guess it highlighted a way to serve mousse outside of the mousse cup parameters. It certainly tasted like good mousse. At the end of the day, my celebration is going to have to be what it’s going to be. I searched for mousse. I found mousse. I ate mousse. That will have to do.

Next up: National Fried Pie Day


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