Day 486 – National Chocolates Day

Like most people, I’m always up for a day devoted to chocolates. However, like most, this was a day that I didn’t have much time to put an effort into making chocolates. I suppose I am, by some standards, an amateur chocolatier. Making fudge and peanut butter balls would put me in that category. Although I don’t want to take anything away from a true person of that profession. It’s a skill. An art form. I’m not there. No matter, I was still having a gift card frenzied day and I didn’t have much time into putting an effort into celebration. I wasn’t going to make anything and I wasn’t going to search out any famed chocolatiers. I was just going to do the best I could.

I got out of work late again and when I left work, I stopped at the local Stop & Shop which is around the corner from my office. I was there to pick up a few essentials (milk and coffee) and while I was there, I thought I would look to find some kind of chocolate I could use to celebrate this day. I found some, naturally. Finding chocolate is not that hard especially in the holiday season. I just had to narrow down my search. I went with some chocolate truffles from Lindt. I felt that this would be a good tribute to the art of chocolate making. While these days, Lindt may be a mass producer of chocolate, their origins trace back to a small confectionery shop in Zürich in the 1840’s. That’s a tradition. I picked up a small bag of milk chocolate ones and when I got back in my car, because I was tired and hungry, started feasting on the chocolate balls on my way home.


Lola always has a place in her heart for Lindt chocolates as they make her think of her Dad. I think they were a candy that he would get on occasion. It doesn’t surprise me – her Dad knew a quality product when he saw one and Lindt is definitely quality. To me, Lindt reminds me of New Hampshire. That’s where I think I first tried a Lindt ball but also, we lived near the North American Lindt headquarters in Stratham (next town over from our old hometown of Exeter). You learn a few things about living near a chocolate factory: nobody ever goes in and nobody ever comes out. Just kidding. Actually, to my recollection, it was just a big old industrial complex – no different from any of the other company buildings in the area like Timberland and Sig Sauer. But they had a presence in the community and at some point, I had to see what all the fuss was about. It was about good, creamy chocolate and I like that. That’s what the chocolate balls that I was feasting on inside my card tasted like too. It’s just a good product. They have good packaging as well so it makes you feel each piece is special – wrapped like a present. Not that they need it, but I give them my nod of approval.

That’s how I celebrated National Chocolate Day. Sure a day where I went all out would have been more fun – if I Willy Wonka’ed the hell out of this day. But it wasn’t in the cards. Today was just about the delight and joy of good milk chocolate crafted into a small delight. That’s what the folks at Lindt delivered and it worked just fine for me today. I didn’t win a factory tour, a glass elevator or a lifetime supply of chocolate, but I did get to enjoy a scrumdiliumptious treat at the end of the day. That’s my golden ticket.

Next up: National Mousse Day


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