Day 485 – National French Toast Day 

When it comes to French Toast, you have two choices. The first one is to have it for breakfast. I am not sure why French Toast is categorized as breakfast food. I guess whoever cataloged these things had a pretty steadfast rule about anything that uses eggs has to be a breakfast food. But I’m not sure who has time to make French Toast for breakfast in the middle of the week. Seems a bit indulgent. My next choice would be have it for dinner, scamp that I am.  I’ve discussed this before, but I am a big fan for having breakfast for dinner. I think it’s a nice easy way to end your day. That would be my plan for National French Toast Day.

I was still in Cyber Monday mode at work and in fact, I had an eleven hour day at the office trying to fill all those orders (this will be a theme for the week- just a warning). They fed us at about 1 pm. I couldn’t convince anyone to order French Toast and I’m not sure there are any restaurants that will make and deliver French Toast for lunch on a Tuesday (Denny’s?), so we went with your typical order of subs. I got out of work at about 8 PM and I was pretty hungry. On my way home, I had the thought of getting French Toast Sticks from Burger King. Those are good, they definitely would count towards my French Toast search and they would be quick and easy. I stopped at a Burger King in Seekonk and this was a bad choice. First, it was one of those fast food places that are just annoying. The entrance wasn’t an easy place to get to, the line was too long, the people in front of me were ordering the worst possible combinations, the staff weren’t the model of efficiency. Everything was amplified too because I was tired and hungry. I had looked online earlier to see if Burger King sold breakfast at all hours and I thought they said they did. This one did not. My request for French Toast sticks was met with a tone of incredulity. My inner Falling Down was starting to boil up, but I remained calm. It was the kind of drive-thru line where you couldn’t escape. I just ordered a burger as a consolation and was on my way, French Toastless in Seekonk (which is also the name of Tom Hanks next movie).

When I got home, I told Lola that I was going to make some French Toast. She had already eaten and said she didn’t want some, she just wanted a bite of mine. I can’t blame her – who doesn’t want a bite of French Toast when you see it? I got out the eggs and milk, mixed up the batter, added some cinnamon, soaked the bread and soon my toast was cooking on the griddle, browning nicely. When it was ready, I topped it with a nice dollop of butter and some maple syrup. My French Toast feast had come and not a moment too soon.


You’ve had French Toast before so there’s nothing jaw-dropping about my efforts here. I actually didn’t put all that much energy into making them. I could have given more effort – covered them in Frosted Flakes, used more flavorings, served them with cinnamon butter. Not tonight. Tonight I was looking for quick and easy. And they were. Sometimes after a long day and you sit down to a meal of warm, battered toast covered in maple syrup, your body is grateful. It’s the joy of comfort food at the basic level. And even though we were breaking rules and eating French Toast for dinner, they delivered in the most perfect of ways. I went to sleep with a full belly, the slight aroma of maple syrup in the air and visions of gift cards dancing in my head. That’s enjoying National French Toast Day to the fullest.

Next up: National Chocolates Day 


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