Day 484 – National Craft Jerky Day (Cyber Monday) 

I haven’t talked much about my job here. No real reason, it just hasn’t been relevant to the celebrations. However today it was. Today was National Craft Jerky Day but beyond that it was also Cyber Monday. While jerky is no more exciting than any other snack meat around my office, Cyber Monday is. I’ve been hearing about this day since I was first hired. The tales of craziness. The stories of how quickly things sell out. The million dollar plus sales overnight. You always hear about these tales but being the seasoned cynic that I am, I take everything with a grain of salt. The Cyber Monday offer was a nice one. Buy $1,000 in gift cards and you get $200 free, plus you get points on your rewards card for the purchase (which is essentially a $70 credit) and, the kicker, you can earn an overnight stay at our world-class inn in Newport. That was until supplies lasted. After they sold out, you would earn a dinner for two voucher at the inn which is not a bad little reward by itself. The sale went live at midnight while I was sleeping. I didn’t have to  monitor anything, I just had to show up a little early on Monday morning and get ready for the craziness.

By the time I got to the office (8:30ish) we had already topped the million dollar mark. The overnight stays had sold out by 12:15. The phones were ringing. The emails were coming. The team of helpers was being assembled. We set up shop in a conference room, a place where we would be sequestered for the whole week. People peeked in on us to see how things were going. We were thanked. Congratulated. But most of all, we were filling orders. In my old job, we had a Cyber Monday special that I always thought had a pretty good response. On our busiest day there, we did 1/10th the business we did on this Cyber Monday here. It was nutty. It wasn’t as crazy as I thought it would be. It was all organized chaos and the team had learned some valuable lessons over the previous years and set up systems to make it work. But it was a shit-ton of business. We spent most of the day head down in envelopes. They bought us lunch. We endured some paper cuts. We kept going until about 7 pm. I emerged from the office to a moonlit sky. I was tired, worn down and a bit hungry.

On my way home, I realized I had to get some jerky. I hadn’t had any time during the day to think about how to celebrate this day in any other capacity, so I figured I’d just find some jerky at Clements. Thankfully, Clements has a pretty nice selection of Jerky including some special craft jerky. I went with cracked pepper turkey jerky from a company called Field Trip. Field Trip is a company started by some Brooklynites looking for “meat snacks alternatives in a broken marketplace.” They use grass fed meat. No nitrates. No preservatives. All the buzz words. It was as crafty as I could get. I bought a bag and then when I got in the car, I opened it up and feasted like I had a food disorder.

IMG_3458Really good product here. Fresh tasting with lots of flavor. All those little things matter in jerky – the lack of preservatives, the dedication to good food – and it showed. I would highly recommend them for any of your jerky needs. I don’t usually reach for jerky but I do find that when you spend all day wrapped up in Cyber Monday order processing, jerky is a nice way to give you a boost of protein when you are out of energy. It was like a Cyber Monday Thanksgiving. So I chewed in happiness appreciative of the craft of making jerky while visions of gift cards danced in my head.

Next up: National French Toast Day 


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