Day 483 – National Cookie Day

A little confusion on the day but it’s not my fault. Today was National Cake Day which is all fine and well. I had time to make a cake but I as I considered my options, I decided I didn’t want to. Cakes are easy enough to make, but they are not a practical food to have around a house with just two people in it. I could envision spending all that time and resources making a cake only to have one piece at night and then watch the whole cake go to waste the rest of the week. It just didn’t seem like the wise choice. But then I saw on the website that I use to discover all these National Days and it said it was also National Cookie Day. That was easier to celebrate. Plus, if I made cookies, it would be much more likely that we would eat them throughout the week. Online and in social media circles, National Cake Day seemed to be trending as the more prominent celebration of the day, but that’s ok with me. It did seem odd that one day would celebrate two pretty big categories of holidays. Cake and Cookies on one day? But who am I to argue. Later that afternoon, I went to the store and picked up a new product. It was an instant chocolate chip cookie mix from that saucy minx Betty Crocker.


In retrospect, I think I would have preferred just getting some cookie dough and making my instant cookies that way. The Betty Crocker mix had me just add water to the pre-made mix, so already I was skeptical. However I did feel like it was my duty to check out a product like this and compare it to the real McCoy and to the pre-made cookie dough batter kind. But just water? No eggs or butter? I guess those ingredients were all inside the package thanks to science, but that seemed like a big shortcut. They came together easy enough and cooked just as any other cookie would. They looked okay and in truth, they were okay. They just weren’t great. Maybe I was biased but I really felt it was lacking the deep flavor of butter and more natural ingredients. There was a slight hint of processed taste to these, not unlike that of the pre-made cookie dough batter kind. I would say that the pre-made dough kind are better, but that could be because I am so used to that taste. A homemade cookie is definitely best. But, in regards to ease of making, I can’t deny that this wasn’t an easy shortcut with a not-awful output at the end. It just wasn’t the same as homemade.

When I checked my holiday website later, something happened. National Cookie Day was gone. It was removed from the calendar on November 26th. Looking ahead, it reappears on December 4th with much more fanfare on social media. I think I fell victim to a typo or an error. No matter, the spirit of the holiday was still celebrated on this day. I enjoyed the quick and easy comfort of a new product that got our house smelling like fresh, warm cookies (the Cher trick from Clueless still holds true.) I got to enjoy a nice warm cookie with milk and then had cookies for the next day too – something we could easily tackle as a couple. You can’t ask for much more from a cookie, and that stays true for every National Cookie Day no matter when you celebrate it.

Next Up: National Craft Jerky Day (Cyber Monday)


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