The End is Near

Well friends, today is day 495 of my quest. That’s 495

straight days of celebrating every day. That’s a whole lot of celebrating. It’s been a whirlwind tour but I think the time has come to end the streak. The daily grind of keeping it going is starting to wear me down. So, on this day of infamy, I respectfully announce that Day 500 will be my last day of consecutive celebrations.

I’ll fill you in more when I get there. It’s not the end of this, just a new beginning. There’s more to come, I just had to stop the every day (and I hope you can concede that 500 straight days was quite a run). So stay tuned. I will still be playing catch up with my blog posts and hopefully I will get them all out there in the next six days.

But thank you all for the support and love from the bottom of my tired and much-celebrated heart.




  1. Michael Farley · December 10, 2017

    Tip of the cap to you Dan for job well done. I’ve admired your consistency and perseverance through all your posts. Thanks, it was a lot of fun following along.


    • danlederer · December 11, 2017

      Thank you Michael! I’ve enjoyed it all but especially all the support.


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