Day 482 – National Parfait Day 

I’m not sure why parfaits get so many days of celebration, but here we are again. To me, a parfait is nothing more than an ice cream sundae. Sure you can make them with yogurt, fruit and granola, but you can also make them with ice cream. I’ll choose ice cream over yogurt 100 percent of the time. A parfait really has to do with how it’s served – in a tall skinny vessel. My mom likes to serve parfaits after family dinners and I think this is because she has parfait glasses and even better, parfait spoons (longer spoons so you can get to the bottom). I don’t have these items (nor do I want them – you have to be careful about what kind of hints you drop this time of year). But I do have some pilsner beer glasses and those seemed to work fine. No great recipe here; I just loaded it up with ice cream, whipped cream, caramel sauce and chocolate sauce, layering each ingredient as  went along. Then I served it up.


I had this after a day of work at the Vineyard which wasn’t too taxing. When I came home, Lola had cooked more turkey for our continuation of Thanksgiving leftovers enjoyment. Then later, I had my parfait. It was good, just like you would expect. But it was essentially an ice cream sundae, so you knew that would be good. I’m still not sure why Big Parfait has sunk so much money into getting parfaits on the holiday calendar. I hope it’s paid off for them in more sales of parfait glasses and spoons. But for me, it was just a way to make cleaning a beer glass a little harder. Still, count this day as celebrated and happily so.

Next Up: National Cookie Day


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