Day 481 – National Leftovers Day 

To say we like National Leftovers Day as much as we like Thanksgiving would be an understatement (as long as National Leftovers Day falls on the day after Thanksgiving). It’s already a lazy day. We’re not much for Black Friday sales or any of that shopping nonsense, but it’s always a good day to recoup after a few hectic days of cooking and running around. We usually take naps. We usually watch a movie or something similar. And then we feast. Becky and Jeff were kind enough to send us home with a boatload of leftovers. That was really nice of them and we weren’t too shy to take them up on their offer. When the time for eating came around, we basically recreated our Thanksgiving dinner. Turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuffing, corn casserole, cranberry sauce, arugula salad, Brussels sprouts and biscuits. It takes a while to heat it all up. I went with the strategy of microwaving each element separately although in retrospect, it would have been easier to make a plate and microwave the whole thing that way. Either way, it still came out great and we feasted just like we had at the Thanksgiving table only this time we could stay in sweatpants and on the couch. That’s the joy of National Leftovers Day.


Probably the star of any day after Thanksgiving is the Thanksgiving sandwich (which we made as part of our feast). It’s turkey, stuffing, mayo and cranberry sauce on a roll. We put mashed potatoes on there too (because why wouldn’t you). We use the Grands biscuits that we had with Thanksgiving dinner and although it makes a small sandwich, it’s a good bread choice. These sandwiches make us think of Lola’s mom because she always enjoyed the Day After Thanksgiving sandwich. We used to have them with her. It used to be a quiet time in her house and we would be down visiting for the weekend. She too liked a low key Thanksgiving Friday and she was probably exhausted from putting together her whole dinner. Barry would be at work usually, so it was just us and Gigi. She was always happy to have the sandwich and always seemed appreciative when we would make one for her. This would be the meal she would savor. Thanksgiving was too busy for her to really enjoy. This was one she could sit down for and relax. We’d have it with little Cokes too in glass bottles which was always a treat that she pulled out at holiday dinners. An ice cold Coke goes perfect with a Thanksgiving sandwich and it’s why I made sure we had some for our feast today. With Gigi, it was always harder to make everything, usually because the food was either stored in the downstairs fridge or in a cooler on the porch. It was a trudge to just get everything into the kitchen. But it was always worth it just to enjoy a delicious sandwich with one of our favorite people. We thought of her a a lot today.

As I am writing this about ten days after the actual holiday, I can say that our celebration of leftovers continued throughout the weekend. We actually ended up cooking some more turkey and more biscuits so we could keep the party going. We thought for a minute we could keep the party going all year round, just making new batches of each element as we ran out. That wouldn’t be terrible. The Thanksgiving sandwich has become one of our all-around favorites, even when it’s not Thanksgiving season. But it’s especially good on the Friday after Thanksgiving. That’s why it was the perfect day to celebrate the joy of leftovers. It was plate full of happy memories that we just couldn’t let go of until the very last morsel was gone. That’s how we roll on Black Friday.

Next Up: National Parfait Day 


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