Day 477 – National Peanut Butter Fudge Day

With the Thanksgiving holiday just a few days away, this was a good time for a holiday like National Peanut Butter Fudge Day to pop up. This would allow me to make some peanut butter fudge and have something I could add to the dessert table when the feast day rolled around. When I make fudge, I almost exclusively make it chocolate. I have made other flavors in the past like mint, walnut, and maple, but chocolate always seems to be the most popular. I usually reserve peanut butter for peanut butter chocolate balls but I didn’t have the bandwidth to make those this week. Being someone who is not wont to turn down a holiday celebration, I started to look for recipes for peanut butter fudge. There were plenty and apparently there is a high demand for peanut butter fudge. I searched for a recipe that used Fluff because that’s what I use for my chocolate fudge and I like the results. I found plenty of those recipes too. I landed on one from which looked very similar to my regular fudge recipe, just with peanut butter added to the party. After work, I picked up all my supplies and started to throw a batch together when I got home.

It was an easy recipe to make and all it really required was the patience to stir continuously for five minutes and also a tolerance for pain to take the occasional spatter of hot sugar that would pop up and land on your arm. It filled the air with the smell of hot peanut butter, which isn’t a bad thing. While I was making it, I felt that having fudge made completely of peanut butter would be too much. I sensed a need for chocolate in there (as often I do), so before I poured the hot fudge into the pan where it could cool and set up, I poured some semi-sweet chocolate chips along the bottom of the pan. Then I poured the fudge over it all. I tried a taste of the still-warm fudge from the pot and it was tasty – sweet and creamy with good peanut flavor. I gave a taste to Lola too and she agreed.  Now we just needed to wait for the batch to cool.


It was pretty good. It’s not exactly my thing because I still prefer going plain chocolate over peanut butter, but if peanut butter is your thing, then it was actually great. It was really rich. I thought it was going to taste like eating a spoonful of peanut butter but there was more to the bite. It was creamier and the added sugars sweetened it all up. Plus the texture of fudge brings in another dimension. The chocolate chips on the bottom did not melt at all (I thought they would), so each piece had whole chocolate chips at the bottom. That gave it a little chocolate flavor, but in truth, it was not necessary. If I were to make it again, I would keep the chips out of the mix and keep it all peanut butter. Still, this was a nice little recipe and a way to hone my fudge making skills. Lola liked it, which is always a good thing. Sometimes when I give her a taste, she’s not really ready for a good evaluation. But then she will reach for my creation on her own time she is ready for a treat and she will become a fan. I also brought them to Thanksgiving too and they were well received (although Lola’s Banana Cream Pie was the star of the dessert table). This was a happy little celebration of a new kind of fudge. That’s always a win in my book and a great way to start off our holiday week

Next Up: National Stuffing Day 


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