Day 476 – National Carbonated Beverage with Caffeine Day

Not much to say about this day other than it is very specific. It’s not just a celebration of caffeinated beverages, it celebrates caffeinated beverages that are carbonated. I love a good caffeinated beverage and it is why I have become a bit of a coffee fiend over the last ten years – craving the extra boost of caffeine. I’ve always been a fan of carbonated beverages too, at least sodas. That was more for taste rather than the caffeine boost (not that I didn’t appreciate the caffeine, but I always appreciated the sugar inside). I’ve tried to cut down my soda intake over the years and while I still have it too often, I am by no means a true soda fiend.  I have substituted coffee instead. (Which is healthier, right?) Recently I have been drinking a lot of flavored carbonated beverages like Ice and Frost which are like soda, I suppose, but no sugar or calories. I am not one that likes flavored soda water because soda water is too carbonated for my delicate gullet. It’s the flavor I crave which is why I fancy this new category of carbonated beverages which is lightly carbonated and full of sweet flavor, although I’m sure there are chemicals involved in producing the flavors that should be concerning. Regardless, those beverages don’t have caffeine, so today, I went all out and got the two sodas I could get with the most caffeine: Mountain Dew and Sunkist Orange.


We had these while we were eating our leftover Thai food which was an excellent pairing – good sweetness alongside the spiciness. A soda with Asian food is a nice treat and one of the few times Lola actually craves a soda. Sadly, I have exposed Lola to more soda drinking than she has ever had in her life. I guess she was my coffee influence however, so it balances out. Mountain Dew has 91 grams of caffeine in a 12 oz. serving while Sunkist has 68 grams (Coke has 57 grams). That’s a nice little burst of energy and while it had no real function in our enjoyment, we still ingested it happily. I poured the soda in glasses with ice cubes so we didn’t feel like savages. There’s nothing quite like the color of Mountain Dew. You almost feel that your insides turn that color after drinking. Thank god it doesn’t react to your system like asparagus.

In any regard, our carbonated beverages with caffeine were sweet and refreshing and how we celebrated this day as we washed down our Pad See Ew. Some days are just simple like that.

Next up: National Peanut Butter Fudge Day 


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