Day 475 – National Apple Cider Day

I didn’t have to do much for this celebration. I was working all day at the Vineyard which just happens to make a delightful hard apple cider. When I got to work, I opened a bottle, poured it in my coffee cup and just had a day of it. Ok, not really. I did however make sure I was able to purchase two bottles before I was done. I paid for them with my employee discount and then kept them in the cooler so I could look forward to enjoying some at the end of the day.

Apple cider is essentially an alcoholic beverage made from the fermented juice of apples. Non-alcoholic cider is synonymous with apple juice or juice created by pressing apples. Hard cider takes that juice and adds yeast to the mixture to start the fermentation process. Like I said, Newport Vineyards makes their own hard cider which they have cutely branded as Rhody Coyote. I talk about it when I give my winery tours telling enthralled visitors that it is the only thing we don’t grow on our property but the apples all come locally from orchards less than a mile away (mainly Rocky Brook Orchard and Sweet Berry Farm). We do press and ferment the apples right on site. We use a variety of different apples in the cider but Macintosh seems to be the flavor that comes out the strongest. Today was no exception for my tour spiel and I actually set a new personal best by giving four straight tours throughout the day. My voice was hoarse by the end of it all, so when I got home, I was looking forward to sipping on a glass of cider with Lola. We decided to pair it with some Thai food which was the perfect choice.


First off, Thai food is awesome especially after a long day of work. We got it from Siam Square which sounds far more exotic than it is, but still good. Typically if you were having spicy food you would want to pair it with something on the sweeter end. This Thai was not that spicy, so the cider worked well. It is a bit on the dryer side with a really smooth finish. It’s not quite as harsh as some of your other ciders on the market (like Angry Orchard), but it still has that effervescence from the fermentation (the bubbles). On rare occasion they will sometimes let us have a glass of wine after work and inevitably I’ll go for the cider as my choice. In that moment, after a long day, it is nice and refreshing. From a purchaser perspective, it comes in a nice little bottle which is not as big as a growler but has the same look (we call it a howler). It’s a great product and perfect to add to your holiday table.

I’m never a fan of apple juice but I really do like hard cider. It has a really nice drinkability to it which makes it a good drink for relaxing. It’s especially nice in the crisp autumn weather that has descended upon New England. A great pairing and an easy celebration. Now please feel free to tip your tour guide and please mention my name in the gift shop on your way out the door.

Next up: National Carbonated Beverage with Caffeine Day 


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