Day 468 – National Sundae Day

I had something today that I haven’t had in a long time: a Saturday off. It wasn’t a planned day off and had I planned for it, I would have made sure Lola was around to enjoy it with me. However, I had switched shifts at the Vineyard so I could come in late allowing for travel time after the wedding and as I was driving home from the wedding on Friday night, I got a message that said they wouldn’t need me at all. This news came after I had left the wedding, so I couldn’t go back and tear it up on the dance floor, and the message went to voicemail, so I couldn’t tell them I really didn’t mind coming in. So I was left with a whole Saturday off and I did what every young-blooded American would do: I squandered it in a day long exercise in laziness. Yep, I just did nothing. I watched the new Spiderman movie (a big thumbs up on that too). I napped. I watched some Netflix. I did some things of merit – Lola was coming home tomorrow and I had to make sure the house was nice and clean and get rid of all my dirty clothes scattered around the floor, but in general, laze was the theme of the day.

Knowing it was National Sundae Day, I started making plans. It started by saying I would go to Friendly’s and enjoy a sundae right at the counter. Friendly’s is probably the place I most associate with ice cream from my youth and it’s also a restaurant Lola will not go to, so it seemed like the ideal place to go to when Lola was not around. The closest one to us is in Fall River so I could go grocery shopping and then sundae eating. But as the day went on, the idea of sitting in a Fall River Friendly’s seemed less and less appealing. My next plan was to go to Newport Creamery and get a sundae to go. That’s a fine institution for anything ice cream and it seemed like a good idea. But as my lazy day moved along, getting dressed and out the door to go clear across the other side of the island for an ice cream sundae just didn’t thrill me. Nope, if I was going to have a lazy day, I was all in. At the end of the day, I did leave the house for sundaes, but it was just a quick jaunt up the road to Cumberland Farms for ice cream and whipped cream.

My sundae making came at night. I started with the vanilla ice cream. I don’t really have a sundae glass (my ideal sundae glass is the Jim Dandy sundae bowl from Friendly’s) so I decided to use a glass that I recently acquired. It is barrel-shaped to reflect the brewing company from whence it came, but in a pinch, I thought it made an interesting serving vessel. I was going to use some chocolate sauce but then I thought some hot fudge would be more appropriate and I just happened to have a tub of freshly made fudge in our fridge. (Doesn’t everyone?) I threw a few pieces of fudge into a sauce pan with a  touch of milk and melted it down. Soon I had a nice thick fudge sauce. I dumped that onto the ice cream, put in more ice cream, more fudge, then topped with whipped cream and chocolate jimmies or shots (not sprinkles). For a lazy day, I put together a nice little sundae celebration.


As the renowned 20th century philosopher Ferris Bueller said, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” And even though I slowed my life down today to almost a crawl, I did stop to appreciate the joy of an ice cream sundae. It could be the perfect dessert with the coolness of ice cream, the sweetness of fudge, the fluffy, creamy tones of whipped cream and the chocolate nibbles of some jimmies. That’s a pretty happy spoonful. It’s an indulgence and we should always allow ourselves some indulgences. And even though they taste a little more exciting at an ice cream parlor, sometime they are best served in the comfort of your home on a day filled with nothingness.

Next up: National Chicken Soup for the Soul Day 


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