Day 451 – National Greasy Food Day

Normally this would be a day that I would really look forward to. I’d plan for it. I’d find the greasiest kind of food I could find and make a sojourn there. However, when you are trudging along and you have things to do like work, your enthusiasm for such a day wanes. I didn’t search out any special place of note to celebrate today. But I did celebrate and I did so happily. I was at work and I was thinking about where I could go for lunch to get my fill of greasy food. I was limited to the area around our office and naturally that included all the fast food spots, but I knew I could do better than that. I kept thinking about where I could go and then it came to me. The answer was just a few blocks away at the spot where all good ideas come from: the mall. The food court at the Warwick Mall is less than a mile away. That gave me all kinds of greasy options: Sbarro, Taco Bell, Panda Express, Johnny Rockets and even a Buffalo Wild Wings. I opted to go for something particularly greasy – a steak sub from Charley’s.


I had never heard of Charley’s before until I first saw them at the mall. Apparently they have the number one cheesesteak in the world. That’s kind of a big brag right there. I will say, they are good. It’s filled with lots of steak, they cook them to order on a flattop right in front of you and they make sure it’s topped with lots of gooey melted cheese. They have good fries too. They offer their fries with cheese sauce on top which would have been even greasier, but cheese fries aren’t very suitable to eat in public. They get too messy. I prefer just having the fries on the side and maybe tucking a few into the sub for good eating. It’s a nice little lunch and good greasy food, although I doubt they want to use that in their ad campaign. Eating lunch in the food court is an enlightening experience. They keep it very clean and there are always workers wandering around cleaning off the tables. There is an excessive amount of people with disabilities that hang there every day. My best guess is that they are taken there by the people that work with them as just place to go where they can hang for free. They show up every day like it’s their job. In truth, it’s a little bit sad, but they seem to be enjoying it, so more power to them. I usually sit amongst them at an empty table playing on my phone, doing some side-eye people watching and eating my greasy food.

Greasy food is not hard to find and is a special treat every now and then. Now that I’m older, the joy of greasy food tends to come with certain consequences, so eating it in small doses is always wise. But enjoying it every now and then can bring you smiles. The word grease when it applies to food does not seem appropriate. Grease makes you think of dirty, oily stuff. But grease in food is actually pretty tasty. It’s the fat that has melted down and that means flavor. Maybe we need to come up with a better euphemism for greasy food. Whatever you call it, it’s delicious and definitely worth celebrating, even if that celebration is at the mall.

Next up: National Pumpkin Day


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