Day 450 – National Bologna Day

I had a bologna sandwich for lunch. That sounds sad, doesn’t it? It’s really not. I like bologna. I was actually excited to see it on the calendar because I could opt for a bologna sandwich without having the guilt. What is bologna? Well, it’s a sausage that starts as a blend of meat, fat, salt and spices and then it is stuffed into a casing and smoked. That’s all the research I’m doing on that question because I am fearful of what I might find. With any sausage, it’s probably best to not know exactly what you’re eating. My preference for bologna is Hummel Brothers which is a New Haven meat packing company, but they don’t sell their bologna here in Rhode Island. I opted for Boar’s Head instead because you can’t seem to go wrong with the quality that Boar’s Head puts out in any of their luncheon meats and cheeses. I had it simply on a oatmeal bread with some American cheese. I wrapped in an a clear plastic sandwich bag and ate it around noon at my desk, which is another sentence that sounds kind of sad.


I work next to some folks that create graphics on their computer screen and to ensure they are seeing the truest colors, they keep the fluorescent lights in the ceiling off. Everyone has a desk lamp but the office has a certain dimness to it excepting our computer monitors. We are also in the center of the office so there is no natural light peeking in either. As a consequence, it’s dark in my work area. I’m used to it now, but when you look at the picture above, you can sense the darkness that permeates my cubicle and space. The sandwich was good, as most bologna sandwiches are. I think bologna and cheese is one of the best combos in all the land. I used to snack on just roll-ups of bologna and cheese (individually wrapped Kraft singles to be exact). I didn’t start eating bologna sandwiches until I was older, but putting that flavor on bread doesn’t detract from that great taste. In fact, it makes it better. When I started liking bologna sandwiches, I would have them on fresh Italian bread (from Apicella’s Bakery – another New Haven institution). I’d walk to the deli around the corner from our house, get a fresh loaf, some fresh sliced bologna and cheese, then come home and feast. Now it feels weird to order bologna at the deli counter as an adult. I try to hide it amongst other more adult orders like ordering Alpine Lace Swiss, some hickory smoked ham, and oh yeah, some bologna too. But I wouldn’t deny it. I like bologna. I always will and that’s worth celebrating.

Next up: National Greasy Food Day


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