Day 448 – National Nut Day

I bought a box of bars about a week or so ago when I was on a trip to Trader Joe’s. I’m always on the lookout for snacks for Lola to have during the day that will give her some energy so she won’t have to pull out from her writing. Nuts are always a good ingredient for those bars because they deliver some protein and therefore some energy. Trader Joe’s has bars called Simply Nutty Dark Chocolate Nut Bars and they looked pretty good. They were made with peanuts, almonds, walnuts, sea salt and dark chocolate. I bought the box  home and they have been sitting around just waiting to be eaten. Today, I grabbed one on my way out the door. It was early (we left the house at 6 am), but I needed some protein and it was easy to grab and go. That’s a testament to the power of nuts and a good way to celebrate National Nut Day. I ate my bar (it was quite tasty) as we drove down East Main Road on our way to  Jamestown where Lola dropped me off. Then I ran back. It was the annual Citizen’s Bank Pell Bridge Run.


I did this last year. It’s essentially a four mile run over the Pell Bridge which is the main bridge into Newport. You start in Jamestown and then you run across the bridge and finish on America’s Cup Avenue by the Newport Discover Center. The police shut down one lane of the bridge for an hour, so naturally it has to start early in the morning. Last year, I started training for the run back in August before the race. Running is not something that’s ever been my forte so to have accomplished this last year was a bit of a day for me. I wanted to do it again because it’s such a rare opportunity that you get to cross this bridge on foot, so I signed up. However, I didn’t train as much as I had hoped to. I probably ran a few times over the last few weeks, but I was ill-prepared to tackle the whole thing. I had thoughts of backing out, but Lola convinced me to stay. So we (me and the other thousand runners) queued up in Jamestown and were systematically sent off across the bridge as the sun was just rising over the Island.

What I have learned about this run is that it is hard to navigate between the people that are running and those that are just meandering. You are already narrowed down to one lane and then as you are going, you become constricted to keeping pace with the person in front of you. You would get a steady pace going but then you would come across a group that was walking in front of you blocking the way. The other obstacle that you had to battle were are all the people taking pictures. Obviously people want to take pictures on the bridge because it’s the only chance you get to do so, but when you are trying to keep a pace going and you have to dodge selfies and group photos, it messes up your timing. Those are just my frustrations from the race. Outside of that, it’s kind of amazing to be atop the bridge and getting that view of Newport. The hard part is the running. Like I said, I was ill-trained for this, so I ended up walking up the incline of the bridge and had to take a few breaks along the way, but I did it. Lola was waiting for me at the finish line cheering me on too. That was the best feeling of all – to see her smily face. I finished with a burst of energy that somewhat resembled a sprint. Another participation trophy well earned.


Later that day I mowed the lawn and then after that, I decorated the house for Halloween. I’m pretty sure that’s what you call the Suburban Triathlon, and I finished strong. That was my National Nut Day story which took me across the bridge. It all began fueled by some nuts. That’s a pretty nice celebration.

Next up: National Boston Cream Pie Day


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