Day 446 – National Eggo Day

I am writing this about two weeks after I celebrated the joy of Eggos on National Eggo Day. Since that day, the folks at Netflix decided to release the second season of Stranger Things and because of that, Eggos have been having an impact on social media and in pop culture. That has nothing to do with National Eggo Day but everything to do with the show. If you don’t watch (you really should), there is a character called Eleven who has an affinity for the iconic frozen waffles (and no, that is not a spoiler alert). Eleven would prefer to live on a diet of all Eggos (who wouldn’t) and the product continues to make multiple appearances on the show. I wish they had released Season Two in time for National Eggo Day because my celebration of Eggos would have seemed more in tune with the pulse of pop culture. But back on National Eggo Day, it was just Lola and I with a fresh box of the frozen delights while Mike, Dustin, Lucas and Eleven were nowhere to be found.

I’ve certainly celebrated pancakes and waffles enough along this journey, so I wanted to do something different for today’s celebration. I searched for recipes that you could make using Eggos and surprisingly, there were quite a few. I decided on making some Eggo Butterscotch Brownie Magic Cookie Bars with a recipe I found on a site called Essentially they were brownies made with Eggos baked into the batter along with a Graham Cracker crust, butterscotch chips, chocolate chips, coconut and pecans. What’s not to like? It came together pretty fast. You use a boxed brownie mix to make the brownies which goes over the Graham Cracker crust. The Eggos get nestled into the mix and then topped with all the other goodness. When they come out, you end up with a pan of the most delightful looking bars you ever did see. We just had to let them cool before diving in.


Here’s what happened – the brownie batter never really solidified. That made them super hard to cut. I should have seen this coming. I should have realized that they needed more time and tossed them back in the oven, but I got impatient. When I did cut them, I got them to resemble some appearance of a bar, but they were super messy. Really messy, and sticky. You had to eat them with a fork. BUT…and a big but…when you ate them, they were delicious. All that flavor in one bar! The chocolate was nice and fudgy. The crust gave you nice texture on the bottom. The Eggo also gave it texture too. The taste of the Eggo was not dominant throughout the bar, but it was there and it helped bring structure into every bite. When you got a chunk of waffle in your brownie, you were pleasantly surprised. Lola really liked them and she sacked on them for the next few days. Final verdict was that they were really good, they just needed more cooking time. They will be something that will be better the next time I make them. But really, all those flavors in one bite? Hope can it not be great?

Since that time, we have watched the whole second season of Stranger Things. I couldn’t help thinking how Eleven would really enjoy these bars. Her enjoyment of Eggos comes from having had a diet that was very restrictive throughout her life. If Eggos were a happy surprise, then one covered in Brownie and chocolate would change her life. It’s been a great season to watch. It is more than a horror story, it’s a story of friendship and family, plus it’s chockablock full of eighties references. Just the kind of thing we like. We only wish we celebrated their return with a dinner of Eggos.

Next Up: National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day


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