Day 437 – National Sausage Pizza Day 

If you are ever ordering sausage pizza for Lola, hold the onions. I learned this lesson last year on National Sausage Pizza Day although I learned it too late. That’s when I came home with a pizza from North End Pizzeria topped with plenty of sausage and a plethora of onions. In my defense, when I have had sausage pizza before it was usually at her sister Cherie’s house who enjoys the taste of onions and sausage (maybe even peppers too). But Lola’s not Cherie and I discovered that she is not a fan of onions on pizza the hard way. I think she may have been hungry that night too and craving the pizza that I was boasting about bringing home. When she saw the onions, we slipped into a bit of a dispute that night. A hangry disagreement that mushroomed. Needless to say, it wasn’t my most favorite National Sausage Pizza Day ever. I vowed that this year would be different.  I would learn from my mistakes. Today, I would order the pizza without the onions. There would be peace at our dinner table tonight.

I got home early enough so that we could explore pizza options outside of our usual. Sometimes you just crave something different and I had time to explore tonight. I asked Lola where she wanted to order pizza. She suggested Pomodoro’s in Bristol – the spot we went to on my birthday who, rumor has it, serve a great pizza and coincidentally, I had been thinking about them too. I called and unfortunately got no answer. That was odd and I really hoped they were not closed on a permanent basis. Most likely it was just a phone mix up or they were too busy to answer (or possibly closed for vacation). Pomodoro’s would have been our preference tonight but we had to come up with another plan. We decided to order from West Main Pizza which is on the other side of town (although only a team minute drive). They have a good reputation and a lot of Lola’s friends swear by it. I’ve had it before and it was good, so I had been craving it as someplace different for pizza and it seemed like a good idea so we could mix up our pizza usuals. I called in the order and then went to go pick it up when it was ready. Sausage pizza, no onions.


I am happy to say no fighting ensued tonight. We just sat back and enjoyed our pizza like a loving couple. The pizza was loaded with crumbles of sausage which were tasty. Plus it had tons of cheese which is always a pleasure. When you get pizza from a place outside of your norm, you tend to give a tough evaluation of the quality – trying to decide if it deserves to be in your top choices of places to go. West Main was good, but we decided we’d stick with our regulars. The crust at West Main is whole wheat which, although I like the doughiness of it, the taste is not my favorite. I guess I crave the usual crust. Lola also felt the sauce was just ok – a little too ketchup-y. Sauce critique is usually Lola’s thing – she knows a good pizza sauce. When we had been there before, the pizza I ordered was one of their specialty pizzas which was really good and topped with really tasty toppings. Tonight, we just ordered pizza with sausage, so not their specialty. I’ll always recommend West Main to anyone asking especially because so many of our friends like it, I just don’t think we’ll go out of the way to get it again.

Don’t tell Lola but I was hoping that the pizza tonight would have been the kind with sliced pieces of sausage scattered around with plenty of onions too. I just think the two make a nice combination. I of course understand why someone who doesn’t enjoy onions wouldn’t like that and why I should have known this about my wife. But still, that is my vision of a good sausage pizza. That’s the kind of pizza that deserves it’s very own day of celebration. This year’s National Sausage Pizza Day was better than last year’s, but I still have a ways to go before this day becomes my favorite day of the year. That’s going to take finding a new pizza place and negotiating and acceptable onion compromise. I’ll keep trying. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.

Next Up: National Pulled Pork Day 


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