Day 436 – National Angel Food Cake Day

Last year on National Angel Food Cake Day I made my own cake. I remember it being an odd cake to make. I recalled it using a lot of eggs and checking back, I was right. It used a dozen egg whites in the recipe. That was the day I figured out the difference between a Sponge Cake and an Angel Food Cake (Sponge Cake uses yolks while Angel just goes egg white) and making one is not unlike making a meringue except you add in flour and sugar. I remembered it wasn’t that hard to make and it was kind of good, although I made a note about too much almond extract and that triggered a sense memory of that particular taste. I ended up serving it with ice cream and topping it with chocolate and caramel. My recollection was that it was a good dessert but not crave-worthy. That was my dilemma tonight: should I make a cake that I wasn’t all that excited about eating? It sounded like a bad use of my time. I decided that the best solution would be to buy one.

My plan was to stop at the grocery store after work but when that time came, I made a stop at Lowe’s first and when I was finished in there, I plum forgot to go to the market. We were going to have leftovers for dinner and that’s why stopping at the grocery store wasn’t a priority in my mind. I didn’t realize this until later that night when I was home and about to get into something else. I stopped in my tracks and let out an, “Oh No!” Lola asked me what was up and I said I needed to get an Angel Food Cake. She jumped to my rescue though and said she would hop out to Clements and pick one up. She was the angel of the Angel Food Cake today (which I think is a Juice Newton song). I told her to look for one that was already made in the bakery or freezer sections and if that wasn’t an option, look for a boxed mix. When she got home, she had a fully baked and ready to eat Angel Food Cake from the bakery. She had saved the day. We ate our leftover dinner and then later, it was time for dessert. Now I just had to think about how to prepare it.

During the day I was looking up recipes for Angel Food Cake hoping to find other ways to use the cake so that I wasn’t just be eating a piece of spongy cake. I kept seeing calls for churros made with Angel Food Cake. Now that was something I could get behind. That was that game plan. I took the cake out of the container and cut off a few pieces and I cut those into rectangular pieces. Then I heated up some coconut oil in a frying pan and when it was hot enough, I fried the cake in the oil. That crisped up the outside nicely although I did have to keep a watchful eye as a few pieces seemed to get a little crispier than intended. When the freshly fried pieces came out of the pan, I tossed them in a bowl with some cinnamon and sugar and thoroughly coated each piece. Then I put the pieces on a plate and I served it with some heated chocolate sauce.

First off, they looked great. It’s hard not to look at anything coated in sugar and cinnamon and not be pleased. They didn’t taste exactly like churros but they were still good. They had a good crispy texture on the outside and they were nice and warm too, especially when dunked in the chocolate sauce. You could taste the Angel Food and that meant the taste of the almond extract was strong. That’s not my favorite taste. Lola’s main contention was the texture of the sugar and cinnamon which was a little coarse and reminded her of sand – probably Lola’s least favorite texture. After some deliberation, we decided they needed a creamy element to the plate like fresh whipped cream or even better, vanilla ice cream. In truth, they were just ok. A good idea but it just didn’t come through in the end. I would have rather had plain Angel Food Cake or regular deep fried churros.

I guess I am more a traditional cake lover. I like the density of a nice piece of cake that can support good heavy frosting. The lighter, fluffier sponge cakes or Angel Food Cakes just aren’t my thing. I will say that they are good for soaking up the flavors of whatever you serve it with. That’s one of the things that went wrong tonight – the cake soaked up the flavor of the coconut oil and that flavor came out in the end. Angel Food Cake has a good texture in and of itself. It’s almost bouncy on the tongue which is a nice change of pace. Still not my favorite, but on National Angel Food Cake Day, I did my best to celebrate.

Next up: National Sausage Pizza Day 


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