Day 405 – National “I Love Food” Day

Ok, ok – this holiday was bit of a stretch. It was one of those days that I couldn’t figure out what to celebrate (there have been a lot of those lately). It was National Wiener Schnitzel Day and I suppose I could have made this or gone over the bridge to Redlefsen’s, our local German restaurant. (Doesn’t everyone have a local German restaurant?) That’s where I celebrated last year and it was good. But tonight, I didn’t feel like making the trek after a long day of work so I landed on celebrating this day called “I Love Food” Day which I had found on one of my holiday websites. There wasn’t much info on the holiday, but I figured that I love food, so I could just celebrate good food. Then Lola made it easy for me. When I got home from work, I asked her if she wanted anything special for dinner and she said she did. She wanted pizza. She wanted either Buffalo Chicken Pizza (with no onions) or BBBQ Chicken Pizza from North End. There was no waffling here, no “I don’t care” – she was having a craving and that’s what she wanted. It sounded good to me too and I figured that was an adequate celebration of “I Love Food” Day.

We ended up ordering both – a small pie of each. That would feed us tonight and then we could have some leftovers for the days ahead. Lola called it in and I went to pick it up. When I got home it was nice and hot. We sat down and ate it while we watched Ozark on Netflix. We were almost finished with the season which was pretty good – a few criticisms here and there, but good entertainment. The pizza was great and everything Lola wanted (and me too). In an out of character request, Lola also wanted to have orange soda with her pizza so I picked that up too. The soda was a nice complement to the pies – a cold refreshing beverage to cool down the pizza hotness. Buffalo Chicken and BBQ Chicken are great pizza flavors, although very different. You get the sweetness of the barbecue sauce coming through on one and the spiciness of the Buffalo sauce popping on the other. The Buffalo one is great to eat with a side of blue cheese to dunk in. Ranch dressing is better to dunk the barbecue one (if you like dunking your pizza). Either way, they are two great flavors that have really bumped up the pizza game in the last decade or so when they have risen to popularity. These are two flavors that we both love, and Lola especially likes how North End prepares them. And because we loved them, we could actually call this an “I Love Food” Day celebration.

I really had to examine what this day meant to be comfortable with celebrating it. What does loving food mean? Well, it’s not about binging and eating everything in sight. It’s not about losing control of your appetite and sensibilities. It’s about enjoyment and appreciating what food brings into your life. Obviously, food is an essential part of living – you need nourishment and sustenance. But loving food is appreciating the food itself. It’s eating to enjoy and not just to survive. There are a lot of choices of what we can eat out there. Loving food is being selective about what you eat and enjoying what you select as a special treat. We are no strangers to pizza, but tonight’s selection was different. It started from a craving and Lola’s brain sending signals of what she wanted. It was enjoying every slice for the craftsmanship behind the creation – the love that goes into the cooking. It was the comfort and simple pleasure of eating in our living room with a glass of soda and dipping sauces on the side. It was allowing ourselves to have both Buffalo and bbq without guilt. It was just loving what we were eating because it was the perfect food at the right time. That’s how you celebrate an “I Love Food” Day and we passed with flying colors.

Next up: National TV Dinner Day 



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