Day 371 – National Root Beer Float Day

Today was National Root Beer Float Day and I was ready for this one. I had vanilla ice cream in the freezer and I just happened to have a bottle of Virgil’s Micro-Brewed Root Beer in the fridge. I had bought this for Lola thinking she might want it with her burger with dinner from the night before, but she did not so it was just chilling in the fridge waiting for some vanilla ice cream. All I had to do now was enjoy it. I was working today, so I had to leave the house at 11 and I thought drinking a Root Beer Float before 11 am was a bit too much, so the plan was to have it after work, maybe while we watched the new episode of Game of Thrones. I like when days have a good solid plan like this.

When I got out of work it was about 7 PM and Lola was over at Jeff and Becky’s house for a Sunday night barbecue. The whole family was there and it was right on my way home, so I was going to stop by to see if the party was still going on. It was, although when I got there you could tell it was winding down. Jeff was tending to a fire for s’mores which meant the kiddies were circling him like sharks. The adults were all sitting up on the deck and chilling around the table. Within minutes, Becky had hooked me up with a plate of food – fresh cheeseburger, tortellini salad, Caprese salad – it was all awesome and what a way to walk into a party. It was a nice way to end the night.

Earlier in the day I realized that the day was also National Sisters Day and I thought it fortuitous that Lola was getting together with all her sisters on this day (and Tina too!). That doesn’t happen that often and it was happening kind of randomly too. I thought I could spread some holiday love on this day so before I left for work, I tossed a box of stuff in my car that I had hanging around my office. It was actually a bunch of stuff from a website called They are a website that sells a special deal every day offering you a deep discount on something or other. It’s a fun site and you can really find a bargain on there very now and then. Every once and awhile, they have a Woot Off, which means they offer really fun stuff for just a limited time and even better prices. When they sell out, they sell out and then they switch the offer to something new. Usually on those days, they offer what they call a “Bag of Crap” which is essentially a grab bag of stuff from their warehouse. It costs $5 and then $5 to ship, and you never know what you will get. They sell out in minutes too and there are tales of people winning televisions and other big prizes, although usually, it’s really crap. I have been lucky enough to order two of these over the last year and I have kept the bounty from those purchases in my office waiting for the proper time to unload it. National Sisters Day would be that day. When I walked into Becky’s house, I had my box of crap under my arm.

When I first walked in, I was seized by the kiddos who were happy to see me (and I was happy to see them). I started to unload my crap. I gave Brickie a Blu-Ray disc (some movie about an assassin at the White House) and I gave Eva an iPhone case (to which Eva quickly pointed out that she now needed an iPhone). When I made my way upstairs to the deck, I started to spread the Sisters Day joy to all the Mellow sisters. I gave away iPhone holders, a Pedi Egg, a scissors/cutting board combo, a pilates DVD, a generic-type Fitbit and a tiger iPhone case.  I felt like the Sisters Day Santa Claus. I had enough crap with me to give something to everyone and naturally the kiddies lined up for whatever they could get. I think they were the most confused because I was giving them things they had absolutely no use for. I gave Wavy a bag that said “Stay out of my Crap” which I think she may actually bring to school, so I’m a bit of a trouble starter. But it was a fun way to enter a party and I may continue this tradition as a means to bring fun wherever I go and to get rid of crap I have acquired over the years. It was nice to see all the sisters together especially on a warm summer night with the sun setting in the distance. A good end to the weekend. But soon it was time to go. Game of Thrones was on at nine and we were not going to miss it.


When we got home, we quickly got ourselves set up for our trip to Westeros. Lola changed into her jammies and I got down to making a quick Root Beer Float. I scooped in the vanilla ice cream, cracked open the Virgil’s, then poured it over the top. I had asked Lola if she wanted one and she did not, although she reserved the right to take a sip of mine. I am always cool with that. The first Root Beer Float that I had ever had was enjoyed exactly a year ago when I had one at the Newport Creamery in celebration of the day. I remembered it was better than I thought it would be, so while I wasn’t super-excited for the Root Beer Float tonight, I wasn’t dreading it. It would be refreshing. And it certainly was. It was actually fabulous. I am not sure if it was the Virgil’s which brought some quality root beer flavor to it all, but it just tasted good. It mixed so well with the vanilla ice cream I could finally understand the enjoyment of it all. It made the ice cream get kind of crystalized which brought a new texture to it all – I think it’s the carbonation that effects it. I drank some, scooped some out with a spoon, then went back to sipping it. It was really a great treat and the perfect beverage to watch the Stark reunion that was happening before our eyes. I think I can say it now – I’m a fan of Root Beer Floats.


I learned to love the Root beer Float today, so that’s a good day. It’s a classic that I have always turned my nose up at because I was never a huge fan of root beer. However in this form, it’s something different. There may be more of these in my future. I also got to celebrate a sisterhood that has meant a lot to me over the last ten years (actually more like 16 years). A group that I have gone through a whole lot with. The good, the bad, the really bad, the sad and as always, the funny. It’s quite a crew and it was nice to take a minute to toast what they mean to each other and to all those whose lives they touch. It’s quite a group, and I am glad I could reward them with gifts of such awesome magnitude. Although I should have just given them Root Beer Floats.

Next up: National Raspberries N’ Cream Day


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