Day 367 – National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

I’m going to keep going. That’s what I have decided. No real reason just that I wasn’t ready to give up on this just yet. There’s more celebrating to do.

Part of the decision comes from just reflecting on the past year and all the fun turns life took for me just because I decided to celebrate. Since I hit the one year mark, I have been reflective of what all this means and what it has brought me. I feel the holiday gods aren’t done with me just yet. They want me to be like Navin R. Johnson and find my special purpose. There’s something more to this all. Something bigger. I have to keep going to see what that is.

I’ve been looking back over the last year. There are just so many happy memories. Getting oyster shucking lessons from Pete. Riding rollercoasters in kiddie parks. Sucking back sardines on Thanksgiving. Walking into Saturday Night Live with a York Peppermint Patty over my head. A polar bear plunge on New Year’s Day. Private Karaoke with Lola in NYC. Each memory spawned from the fact that I was out to celebrate whatever day was happening. I just followed the path that was in front of me and adventure happened. Why would I stop doing that?

I may not be as fanatical about it this go around. I may take it easy every now and then. I may not feel obligated to stay up into the night to write my posts. I may not go halfway around the world (or off the Island) to find a mysterious ingredient. I may just make do with what I have. But I will celebrate. Overall, I feel my quest was achieved successfully. I did it. It’s over. It’s no longer a quest. Now it’s more of a journey. More of a streak. I’m ready to see just how far I can go.

Today was National Ice Cream Sandwich Day and I happened to have an ice cream sandwich in our freezer. I had made it from some cookies that I had baked for National Sugar Cookie Day. It had vanilla ice cream in the center. I had wrapped it up tight in plastic wrap and it has been chilling in there for a few weeks. When I got home from work, I sat down to talk to Lola. It was muggy out and our house gets hot in that kind of weather, so we were hot. I decided to go grab the ice cream sandwich to help beat the heat. I cut it in half and we shared it in our family room talking about everything.

I forgot how good the cookies were. They were sweet and sugary. The recipe had called for almond extract and that flavor lingered throughout the cookie. They were soft-batch and even though they had been in the freezer for weeks, there was a chewiness too them that was good. The cookie on an ice cream sandwich can’t be too crunchy otherwise the structural integrity of the sandwich is in jeopardy. The vanilla ice cream was perfect too, a flavor that mixed well with the cookie. It was a damn good ice cream sandwich and it had just been sitting in our freezer. Lola was surprised too. In fact, she was talking while she took her first bite and the bite made her pause her train of thought just to say that this was a good sandwich. Success.

Last year on National Ice Cream Sandwich Day I had secured some sandwiches from Tricycle Ice Cream. They have super-special flavors with custom cookies and only sell their fare at local farmer’s markets and events out of their tricycle cart. We had Cherie come over and have a tasting party with us. It was a cozy little night. Tonight was a bit different. Tonight was just a small respite from the heat of the day and that reminded me about what some of these celebrations are. They aren’t always big and grand. Sometimes they just give you reason to pause and appreciate. That’s what we did tonight. Let’s hope we still have more of those to come in the journey ahead.   

Next up: National Watermelon Day and My Birthday!


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