Day 347 – National Tapioca Pudding Day

[ed. note: this is from Saturday – I’m behind a little in posting (not celebrating).]

Wait a minute – we’ve been here before. We celebrated National Tapioca Day just seventeen days ago. Now it’s back? I suppose that day a few weeks ago was just Tapioca Day whereas today was National Tapioca Pudding Day. But really, what else could you do with Tapioca? That was the dilemma I had three weeks ago and why I ended up celebrating with some fresh Tapioca pudding from Dave’s Market in Tiverton. It was good. I had never had Tapioca Pudding before, so it was a new adventure for me. Now I’m a seasoned Tapioca Pudding pro. I knew the history. I knew what to expect. I knew how it would taste. Now I just needed more pudding.

Today was another long day at the Vineyard. I went in at 9 am and got home at about 7:30. I didn’t get a chance to put much planning into todays’s celebration but then again, it was going to be pudding, so I there wasn’t all that much planning to do. On my way home, I stopped at Clements. I picked up a couple of burgers to grill for dinner and then I picked up a tub of Kozy Shack Tapioca Pudding. Back on Chocolate Pudding Day, I picked up Kozy Shack’s chocolate pudding and it was pretty good. They are famous for their tapioca and rice puddings, so it was even more appropriate to use them for today. When I got home, I grilled up the burgers, we enjoyed them and then for dessert, like every other eighty year old couple, we ate pudding. I served it in a bowl and put some whipped cream on top.


I will say this, it was good pudding – dare I say better than Dave’s homemade. It was just perfectly creamy throughout with strong vanilla flavorings. The tapioca beads are still the weird element to it all. They are just there, like surprise little bursts in every bite, although no distinct flavor. It just added to the overall taste adding the texture of these tiny edible soft pearls. Lola had a taste and she likened them to eating ova. Although I don’t recall a time of her eating ova, that analogy seemed like a pretty good description. The whipped cream added extra creaminess and sweetness to every bite which was a nice touch. I’m a fan. Kudos to the Kozy Shack folks for making a unique product and doing it well.

No, today was not my biggest celebration folks, but that’s how it goes. The day itself just didn’t have any big holidays that I could celebrate and get behind, so I had to stick with the pudding. I hope you’ll excuse me if I took it easy on the day. That’s how it goes sometimes. Come to think of it, pudding is all about taking it easy. It’s a sweet, creamy food that’s easy to make and you barely have to chew to consume it. I guess if you wanted to celebrate the essence of a pudding then your celebration would have a hint of easiness to it all. Well then mission accomplished! Plus, now that my tapioca consumption has skyrocketed this month, I can say that I have helped to promote the tapioca agenda. That’s another win. All and all, it was a delightfully sweet ending to a long day and a nice easy celebration that may or may not have tasted like sweet juicy ova. I’ll take that any day.

Next up: National Corn Fritter Day 


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