Day 334 – National Ice Cream Month

Ok, ok. I know what you’re thinking. I just said that I was really going to bear down on this last month and get to celebrating. I wouldn’t fall back into these last minute copouts and compromises. I would make the last thirty day counts. Well, I’m sorry. Stuff happens. There’s only so much I can do in a day. But, you should know, my intentions are always to have a big celebration. I think big. I just sometimes can’t act big.

Today was National Anisette Day. Anisette is an¬†anise-flavored liqueur from the Mediterranean area. It’s essentially licorice flavored booze. It’s used as an aperitif and also in making cookies (anisette cookies). I am not a fan of black licorice in any form, so I can’t say I was looking forward to this, but I accepted it. I could swill down some licorice flavored booze if I had to. I have before and I will do it again. I had a plan. I had a vision of how I could make it a celebration to coincide with the theme of Independence Day Weekend. I would do a Statue of Liberty shot with some Sambuca. That’s a shot where you pour a shot of Sambuca and before you drink it, you dip your finger into the drink so it gets coated in the liqueur. Then you light your finger on fire and hold it up in the air like Lady Liberty in New York Harbor. Apart from being anise-flavored, Sambuca is also flammable. While your finger is flaming in the air, you take the shot and then blow out the fire on your finger after you swallow the Sambuca (that’s a key element to this). I should advise you NOT to try this at home. It’s not safe. I’ve seen it go awry. It’s just a silly bar trick. But, because it was anisette day, I figured it would be a fun way to celebrate that liqueur.

I was working for most of the day so as I was leaving, I asked Lola if she would pick up a small bottle of Sambuca at the package store. I knew she was heading to Middletown at some point in the day, so she would be out and about. She told me sure, but to write it down just as a reminder. I then went to work and figured I’d be all set. It was a long day of work and super hot. I had to do a bunch of set-up outside when I got there and within the first half-hour of being there I was drenched in sweat. Then it was just a chaotic day. We ended up getting out at about seven. I was tired, hot, a little sun-drenched. I then started on my way home. That’s when I got a message that Lola was over her sister’s house so I texted Lola if I should meet her there. So that’s where I went and we stayed there until about 8:30. We were both exhausted. I realized I still had to celebrate, so I asked Lola if she had picked up the Sambuca. She had not. She had forgotten.

Today was also National I Forgot Day (it really was). I guess Lola takes this celebration thing more seriously than I do. I actually thought that this coincidence was pretty funny especially in the retelling of the tale. To be honest, the course of Lola’s day took some turns and frankly picking up some anisette was probably the last thing from her mind. I wasn’t at all mad or upset or even disappointed – it’s just a liquor that would sit in our cabinet – and I hope Lola knows that. The only bad part was that I needed a way to celebrate the day and by now, all the package stores were closed. I drove home thinking about what to do. I knew I had a bottle of Galliano – maybe that could work. When I got home I looked up what exactly Galliano is and it is anise flavored but it is also mixed with vanilla. That just wouldn’t cut it. I also realized that Sambuca is technically not an anisette. There is a slight difference in the way it gets distilled, so even if I had drank it, I’m not sure if I would have counted for National Anisette Day. Now I had a real pickle on my hand. It was 9 PM and I didn’t know how to celebrate.

Outside of National Anisette Day, there wasn’t much more to celebrate today (besides National I Forgot Day). It was World UFO Day, but that was a tough cookie to commemorate. Maybe I should have created my own UFO and tried to scare Lola like Greg Brady tried to trick Bobby and Peter on The Brady Bunch? That plan would be too much. The only other holiday I could find for today was Build a Scarecrow Day. Again, Lola may have been on top of celebration today because she wrote a Facebook post earlier in the day that talked about the dummy I have set up on our porch, which is not unlike a scarecrow. I actually dressed him in 4th of July gear today which is why Lola was writing about him, but I suppose we could say we celebrated making a scarecrow. I don’t know if Frank (that’s what Lola calls him) scares any crows, but he has certainly startled a few visitors and UPS drivers.

I couldn’t find an ideal solution, so I turned to something that was being celebrated throughout the month of July and specifically, Ice Cream. July is National Ice Cream Month. I will say that of all the months to celebrate Ice Cream, July is perfect. No better way to beat the heat of summer than with some ice cream. It brings in memories of those trips to ice cream stands and parlors after long days at the beach. It’s part of the essence of summer and deserves all our celebrations. I just didn’t mean to celebrate it so early in the month and especially the day after National Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day. But what can you do? That’s how it goes. I celebrated and it kept the streak alive – 334 days and counting!


I actually just went to our freezer and scooped out a little bit of whatever flavors we had in there. We had three: Vanilla, One Love, and Out of This Swirled. I topped it with some chocolate sauce too. I feel like I just explained the flavors yesterday, so I won’t get into the tastes of all here, although once again, the banana ice cream surprised me. At first I hated it, but then it just grows on you. It’s an odd taste, but not a bad one. All in all, it was a good combo. Plus it was another perfect respite after a long, hot day. I gave Lola a taste and she almost spit the banana ice cream out at me, but then like me, she started to like it. But that’s all she wanted. She was exhausted. She was asleep about ten minutes later. Then it was me and bowl of ice cream, the sounds of fireworks in the distance, Lola snoozing on the couch and something silly on television. That’s another joy of summer, of July and of ice cream.

I apologize. I told you I would be all about the celebration for this last month and I stumbled on day two. We did celebrate as best we could. We got I Forgot Day under our belt and also Build a Scarecrow Day. We tried with Anisette too – we were just thwarted by the Rhode Island liquor laws. Maybe that was for the better. I don’t like the taste of anisette and I could have really burned myself had I accomplished the Statue of Liberty shot. It was a day that got away from us and that’s what happens. If I was to travel back in time and talk to the me from the past who was about to embark on this quest, I would tell myself that there will be days will get away from you. But you make the best of what you can. Go big where you can, but don’t kill yourself. As it has throughout my life, ice cream saved me today. It delivered the celebration and also brought me all the joy ice cream should bring. It was sweet relief after a long humid day. So that’s a win in my book and a good enough celebration for today.

Next up: National Eat Your Beans Day


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