Day 296 – National Wine Day

There are some holidays that are just made for celebrating and National Wine Day is one of those days. Oddly enough however, I didn’t feel the need to go too over the top on this one. What would that look like anyway? Would I drink all the wine in our fridge? Would I make my own by stomping grapes ala Lucy Ricardo? Would I search out some exotic wine tasting location and test my new wine skills and palette? No, at the end of the day I just felt that a nice glass of wine with Lola would be perfect. That’s the true simple joy of wine.

I know that sounds like I wussed out on this one. I mean, having a glass of wine at the end of the day is how half of the world ends their day. Well, that’s the point. That’s how wine is intertwined into our everyday life and represents relaxation, happiness and simple celebration. It marks the end of the work day and the start of me time. Fun time. I actually don’t have wine all that often so having a glass at the end of my day today was a bit of a novelty. But Lola is prone to have a glass every now and then, usually when she’s had her head buried in her writing all day long and her brain has started to turn to mush. She pours a small glass of wine and takes a stroll in the yard to help her reset. That’s why there was an open bottle of wine in our fridge from yesterday. So when I got home, I poured a glass for both of us.


It was raining when I got home so a stroll in the yard was not in the works. Instead we talked in our kitchen which was actually kind of nice. This has been the first week in a while that we haven’t been around each other during the day, so we are still trying to figure out how it’s all going to work. We’re still adjusting. When I get home, I am actually curious to know how her day went and she is just as curious about mine too. The last two days, we actually ate dinner at our kitchen table – that’s something we don’t often do opting more for dinner in front of the tv. Eating at the table wasn’t planned. It just happened naturally, because we were talking. We just sat down and next thing I knew, we were eating there. Tonight’s dinner was actually Thanksgiving Toasted subs from D’Angelo’s which I picked up on the way home because I happened to stop at a place on my way home that was next door to the sub shop. I was hungry and it sounded good, plus it was an easy solution for the what’s-for-dinner question. Nothing too good for my Lola. We did find a Thanksgiving Toasted pairs well with a nice Sauvignon Blanc from Oyster Bay. We ate our subs, sipped our wine and talked to each other. That’s what wine was made for too – for bringing people to the table.


The wine was pretty tasty. Oyster Bay is one of Lola’s favorites and I believe her sister Becky turned her on to it. It’s on the dryer side yet silky and refreshing with hints of tangerine, cut grass and citrus. To be honest with you, I looked that up. It did taste dry to me, but I felt it tasted more like apples. I kind of always get that apple taste to white wine – that soft sweetness. I have to learn how to train my palette to be better at that. As a person that has been working in the wine business over the past few weeks, it’s funny how you start picking up the lingo and culture. I can talk the talk now although I’ve yet to really learn the walk. I make things up as I go, but I am tuned into wine related things now. I’m learning more and more by just being in the arena. However I wasn’t working at the Vineyard today. That would have been a unique way to celebrate National Wine Day. Still, a glass at home with Lola is always more fun.

National Wine Day was popular on social media today too and I find that of all the national days I celebrate, the days that celebrate alcohol are the ones that get the most traction online. It seems people get behind these days. I suppose that meant that I could have gone to a local restaurant that was featuring wine day specials. But it wan’t in the cards nor did I feel I was missing out. I was pretty content with our celebration.

Today’s celebration was about as low key as I have ever gone on this quest and I am kind of happy for that. I tried to celebrate the joy of wine which has been rooted in every culture for thousands of years (except the Mormons I suppose). My celebration was about enjoying the every day comfort of wine. Wine is family, friends, love, relaxation, triumph and pleasure. It’s the joy of the harvest. The appreciation of life and all it’s little joys. That’s what I celebrated today and I did so by just pouring a glass for Lola and myself. We sipped it at our kitchen table over an exotic feast and we talked to each other about what happened. We relaxed and toasted our good fortune which was simply the joy we bring each other. That’s how you celebrate wine. To life, to life, l’chaim.

Next up: National Blueberry Cheesecake Day  


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