Day 278 – National Lemonade Day

I gave you false information yesterday. I told you that I would be celebrating National Roast Leg of Lamb Day today and although it was indeed that holiday today, in the end, I opted against it. We were kind of having a nice lazy day and I didn’t really feel like cooking a giant Sunday dinner. Leg of lamb brings images of grand feasts and coronations, not lazy Sundays. Plus it was just going to be me and Lola today so we didn’t really need to sacrifice a lamb just for our own amusement. In truth, I was a little worried about how much a whole leg of lamb would cost. I’ve made lamb chops before and those are on the pricy side, so I imagined a leg would be pricier. I mean a lamb only has four legs but lots of chops, right? In any regard, decision made – the lambs will not go silent today, Clarice.

We really did have a lazy day after we got most of our Sunday chores done. Lola was out in the yard all morning and then I joined her and finally got all our hoses out of the shed and attached so we can start watering whatever plants Lola is moving around. Right after I hooked up the last hose, it started to rain, so I went inside and took a shower. Then we decided to do what every person should do on an overcast Sunday afternoon: lie down and take a nap. It wasn’t really a nap because we started watching a new show on Netflix called 13 Reasons. Excellent little drama about bullying and suicide (if you like that kind of thing), but with that on in the background in our darkened living room, we both drifted off into a light nap. But then we got sucked into the show and started binge watching. Binge watching a show is not something you set out to do, it just kind of creeps up on you. You watch one episode and you like it, but then it automatically goes to the next episode and because you are already interested, you stick around. Then after that episode, you are in. That’s what happened today. After the third episode, the sun was starting to go down so I had to make some quick plans for dinner (and my quest as well). That kind of also explains why the leg of lamb was taken off the menu.

It was National Lemonade Day today so that would be easy enough to pick up. My initial thought was making some Del’s, but I feel like I just made some Del’s Frozen Lemonade so I didn’t want to repeat myself. Instead, I got a can of Minute Man frozen concentrated lemonade and made it when I got home. I haven’t really thought about frozen concentrate for a while, but when I mentioned it the other day when discussing orange juice, I remembered how it was where lemonade usually came from when we were growing up (it was either that or from cans of powdered lemonade from the folks at Wyler’s). Making the lemonade was the same as it ever was. You scoop out the slush from the can into a pitcher, then you add in 4 cans of water. Then you stir like crazy. It was kind of a sense memory that took me to the days of my youth, although it seemed to be much easier to make now. It tasted the same too. Nice and tart with enough sweetness to make you like it. I like sweet things and lemonade definitely has to be on the sweet side to be truly enjoyed. It was good and the perfect refreshing beverage to accompany our late dinner.

I had the briefest of thoughts this afternoon that I should have had my own lemonade stand out on the corner today and sold cups for a quarter a piece. That would have been funny and made for some good reading here, but in the end, I chickened out. I didn’t want to be the creepy neighbor selling lemonade to kids, plus I didn’t think it would translate to anyone passing by who didn’t know what I was up too. My vision was having people stop at the stand and start looking around for the cute kids, but then having to explain to them that it was just me. That would have led to some awkward moments. The kids next door also will sell lemonade on occasion, so I didn’t want to steal their corner (Portsmouth Turf Wars). However, I could have delivered a better product that you rarely get at most lemonade stands plus my customer service game would be one that couldn’t be beat. I could have really stepped up the whole lemonade game around here, but not today.

For dinner, because I didn’t think the lemonade celebration was good all by itself, I decided to honor a couple of the month long celebrations that we celebrate in May, specifically National Burger Month and National Egg Month. To be honest, I never need much of a push to get onboard with having a burger. I got some patties fresh from the butcher at Clements Marketplace and cooked them right when I got home. When you get beef that you cook the same day you purchase it, you always get a nice fresher taste. I seasoned the patties with some salt, pepper and garlic powder. I bought some Kaiser Rolls to serve them on too. For Lola’s burger, I added lettuce, tomato, mayo and cheese but also some fresh guacamole that I threw together. She enjoys some guac on everything and it’s particularly good atop a freshly cooked burger. I opted against the guacamole for myself and went for a fried egg on top instead to celebrate National Egg Month. A fried egg on a burger is a somewhat new phenomenon and it seems to becoming that extravagant ingredient that more places are adding to their menu. I’ve heard about it for a while, but finally tried one not too long ago at Plumby’s in Newport (above the Brick Alley Pub). It’s actually really good. When the yolk breaks and seeps out over the rest of the burger, it brings that fresh egg taste to every bite. It’s messy to eat, we’re talking stack of napkins, but worth it. I’ve never tried it at home but did tonight. It was spot on. My only failure was not centering the yolk so that when I cut the burger in half, I missed the yolk altogether and it ended up secluded to only one half of the burger.


My burger game has been getting better and in fact, Lola particularly loves how I make them for her. She is not an indecisive person but she is when it comes to burgers. So when I craft hers, I give her everything she likes and it always surprises her. These were big however, so she left half for tomorrow. I was able to choke down my burger/egg combo. Naturally we washed it down with some cool lemonade over ice. That was delicious too. It gave us a hint of summer flavor especially being paired with a burger. Summer is coming.

I made the lemonade in a big glass pitcher that unfortunately doesn’t fit in our fridge. So, when I was putting it away, I emptied it into an empty jug of water. That fit right onto the top shelf but it looked a little shady to me, so I labeled it. One of the things I like to do around the house is to leave Lola little notes that she won’t always find right away. I call them little joke bombs because they go off when I’m not around. So as I was cleaning up after dinner and putting things away, this is how I left the lemonade in our fridge which will hopefully delight Lola when she goes to grab the milk for her coffee in the morning:


No lambs were hurt in the celebration of this day, although I won’t mention what they did to the cattle, the chicken embryos and those poor unsuspecting lemons. It wasn’t my best celebration ever, but it was delicious. I think we really have to listen to that voice inside us that tells us to take a minute to relax. We all need it from time to time. We may not have had an extravagant dinner, but we had a really enjoyable one after a few hours of relaxation. That’s what celebration is really all about – taking what you have and making it special. We did that today so that’s a win in my book. Best of all, we washed it down with a refreshing beverage that brings us the hope of sunny days ahead, and we can’t wait for that. Cheers!

Next Up: National Have A Coke Day


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