Day 274 – National Raspberry Popover Day

My first foray into popovers was a big success, or at least Lola loved it. That was back in March when it was Blueberry Popover Day. When I wrote that entry, I gave you a brief history of the popover, I recalled our personal experiences with them (and there were a few) and then I made a whole batch on a Friday afternoon. I served them with whipped cream and some fresh coffee and it was the perfect treat for the day. Lola liked them so much that a few weeks later, she asked me to make them again. That’s unusual that Lola has a request for a special batch because I have kind of been keeping the house well-stocked with a variety of baked goods and sweets. But the heart wants what it wants and on that day, Lola wanted me to recreate the blueberry popover experience again. Another success. When I saw it was Raspberry Popover Day, I figured this would be just as easy to make and Lola would be excited for more afternoon popovers.

While it’s still not prime raspberry season around here, it’s getting there and when I walked into the grocery store today, I was met with a giant display of raspberries for sale. That’s a good sign that the good raspberries are coming. In general, I’m not the first in line for anything raspberry flavored, but fresh raspberries are different. They are a special treat and theres something about eating them freshly washed from a bowl. Lola is a big fan of fresh raspberries too and she tells me that her Mom would pick them up as a special treat. She liked them as well. It seems that everyone loves fresh raspberries. As I think back, this whole quest started with fresh raspberries when I made a Raspberry Cream Pie on Day One. Raspberries have really been woven into the mix throughout this whole journey.

The recipe I found for Raspberry Popovers was from the folks at Driscolls who are growers of fine raspberries (and other berries too). The name sounded familiar and when I looked at the strawberries and the raspberries in our fridge, they were both from the Driscoll farms. Apparently they are a big deal in the berry business. As I looked through their website I discovered that they have been family owned and operated for over one hundred years and they are committed to their community. Those are two things I like to see in businesses, so I felt good about using their products. I also felt good about their recipe because I figured the folks who grow raspberries would probably know the best ways to cook them. I pretty much had everything I needed in house after I had picked up the raspberries and so in the late afternoon, I started to make them.

We had one of those people come to our door today asking about solar energy. We’ve always been curious about solar power, so I talked with the guy for about a minute. I kind of felt bad for the guy. He was a big guy walking around a strange neighborhood in the afternoon sun. He was definitely new to this game and didn’t quite have his spiel and presentation down yet. I’m sure he had dozens of doors shut in his face this morning (or just ignored), so I gave him a minute of my time just to hear what he had to say. He was kind of the fluffer on the team just setting up appointments for the closers who would come back next week, but I’m sure he was getting paid by the leads he created. Sadly however, he didn’t quite have his act together and one of the things he needed was our electric bill which I was hesitant to share. When I finally gave him a part of it (redacted of all personal info), he had to take a picture of it and send it in, but his phone was out of juice. He said he had to go charge his phone and he would be right back. While I was waiting for him, I cooked an entire batch of raspberry popovers.

I’m not sure why I’m telling you about Richard (that was his name), other than he kind of blew up my afternoon when I was just trying to give him a minute of kindness. That turned into an awkward hour of waiting. Moreover, Lola was trying to get some work done and I was disturbing her peace by answering the door and clanking around the kitchen making popovers. I try to respect Lola’s space because she needs quiet to work, but I’m really bad at it. I tend to make noise wherever I go, and making friends with Richard didn’t help. In any case, by the time I served the raspberry popovers to Lola, I had been disrupting her for the last hour and that made them a little less appetizing. Had Richard been a bit quicker in his sales pitch, I may have offered him one (I did offer him cold drinks but he declined). In any case, I served them up to Lola at the end of a frustrating day for her.


The popovers came out great. The recipe called for making them in a popover pan, but I made them in muffin tins. I was a little worried that it would affect the cooking time, but I kept my eye on them and they rose nicely in the pan. The berries were in the center and they burst open while cooking giving each popover these bright bursts of red in the center of their golden brown dough. I kind of forgot about serving them with whipped cream and I wish I had because they were definitely on the tart side (as you would expect from a raspberry). The whipped cream or even some powdered sugar on top would have balanced that out with some nice sweetness. That was a missed opportunity. I’d say they were every bit as good as the blueberry ones, just a different flavor. Lola enjoyed them as well but she too thought it needed that extra sweetness.  She was also grateful for having been served fresh popovers despite my disrupting. I think today was one of those days I needed to have Lola around and when she realized this, she was right by my side as always.

Another popover recipe under my belt and a damn good one. I like making popovers because they are easy yet seem so extravagant. I just wish I served them with some whipped cream. Today was an odd day. In the middle of it was Richard and his solar power and I am not sure what I learned by that whole interaction (or why I retold it here). I guess sometimes when you try to be nice, it isn’t always as simple as you think. I hope he earned his keep today because no matter what, he was working hard. Lola was working hard too so there was a lot of that happening today, except for me. I was just making popovers and lots of noise. Somedays, that’s what happens. But in the end, I got to share it with someone that loves me and who gave me the love I needed right when I needed it (to be clear, I mean Lola not Richard). That’s the power of the popover and why it was fun one to celebrate today.

Next Up: National Orange Juice Day 


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