Day 252 – National Cinnamon Crescent Day

Today was on of those days that I like to call a “Coulda Day.” There were a few holidays that I could have celebrated but because life gets busy, I took the easy way out. I could have, should have, would have kind of thing. Don’t get me wrong – the end result was actually pretty delicious and let me use some of the knowledge that I gained on this quest. It’s just that I could have really gone all-in today with some of the celebrations being commemorated today. Let me start by talking about what I did do.

Today was National Cinnamon Crescent Day. There’s not much backstory on this other than the taste of cinnamon and fresh dough go together quite nicely. On a personal note, I realized today that after 250 days of being immersed in food, cooking and ingredients, I can now safely say I can spell cinnamon correctly without the aid of spell check. That’s something to celebrate. There really wasn’t that much info on exactly what and why a cinnamon crescent is and my first dilemma was trying to figure out what exactly they were. I thought that they might be a type of cookie in the shape of a crescent, kind of like rugelach. But apparently, at least from the sites that discuss daily holidays, a cinnamon crescent is more of a bread like product where you take the dough and sprinkle it with cinnamon creating a sweet, fluffy pastry. It made me think of cinnamon rolls, which I am sure are in the same family.  Seemed easy enough and to prepare, I had picked up a package of Pillsbury crescent roll dough on Sunday so I was ready to go. There were a few recipes online that showed you how to make your own dough for cinnamon crescents, but taking the easy road was my theme for the day and would suit my needs here just fine.

I had to be at work at 11 today, so I got an early jump on things. I’ve found that if I can knock out my cooking before I go into work it makes the end of the day less hectic. Plus cinnamon crescents seemed like a nice treat to have for breakfast. I read through a few recipes and got the gist of what I needed to do. I unrolled the dough and separated out each triangle, then I just loaded on the cinnamon to each piece. I thought it needed a little something else too, so I chopped up some walnuts and pecans and put them inside. Then I rolled them up into crescent shapes and baked according to the instructions on the package. They came out in about ten minutes and looked and smelled delightful. Because I was thinking about cinnamon rolls, I decided to add a little glaze to the outside which I threw together with some powdered sugar and water. In truth, I put too much water in because the glaze was almost translucent although it was still very sweet. I just wanted it to have that white glaze look which I wasn’t able to really achieve. All in all however, with no specific recipe, I think I did ok.


I had just made Lola a big bowl of yogurt with chopped nuts, fresh fruit and some flax seed so she could have a nice healthy start to her day. Then I cooked up these cinnamon crescents and our whole house now smelled like warm cinnamon. Resisting the temptation was futile and Lola knew it, so she had one when they were still nice and warm from the oven. I had one too. They are as good as you would imagine. Soft, pillowy dough with just a nice lightly browned crust (and no, I didn’t burn the bottoms which is the plague you face when cooking any rolls from a can). The cinnamon was present in every bite and that gave it great flavor which balanced against the sweetness of the glaze. The nuts added some crunch too which gave it texture but also a little something extra. Something about cinnamon and nuts that just go good together. This was a great treat and a fine way to start your day. Pretty easy to make too if you ever need to whip something together in a hurry. A success. I was still licking my fingers as I was in my car heading to work.

Today was also National Sibling Day too and that seemed to be trending on social media. This would have been a fun day to celebrate too because it’s always a fun time when I get together with my brother and sister (Mark and MaryBeth). The problem is they are not particularly close by. My sister is in Connecticut and my brother is in Rhode Island but about a half hour away. Not the easiest logistics for a Monday night get together. I actually had texted my brother earlier in the day to see if he wanted to meet up and play racquetball, but circumstances wouldn’t allow for it. That would have been fun because I have a lot of memories of playing games with him from basketball to Horse to even Monopoly. Like most siblings, there is always a competitive spirit to whatever we do. Mark pretty much comes out ahead, although I keep trying and our lifetime record is starting to even out. I’ve celebrated with both my siblings along this quest and they have both been supportive. MaryBeth was eager to jump on the fun for National Prosecco Day and other holidays along the way that seem to coincide with her favorite foods. In fact, she has been so supportive that she helped me celebrate National Whiskey Sour Day last summer. Last year when my Mom was in the hospital which put us all together, Mark and MaryBeth even indulged me by going to the famous Pepe’s Apizza on the way home because it was National Cheese Pizza Day. After a long day of being in the hospital, I’m sure that last thing they wanted to do was wait in line for pizza, but they played along and we got to celebrate together. They are your first friends in life and no matter when you get together, it’s a different feeling of comfort. It’s familiarity and smiles. So it would have been nice to get together with them today, but life happens. Nonetheless, I was thinking of them.


That’s us in our earlier days. I’m the handsome young man in the middle with the incredible sense of fashion.  

Today was also Passover and the night of a traditional seder dinner. This would have been a really fun night to celebrate as I could have learned about a tradition that I know very little about. It’s funny how you are raised one way and you get very little exposure to traditions of other cultures. I’ve heard about seder dinners, but have never been part of one. It would have been fun to begin our own little tradition in our home. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize it was Passover and that Monday night was the night for seder. I just missed the opportunity out of ignorance. I missed a good chance to learn something today. To try some new foods, to learn about traditions and to expose myself to a new form of spirituality. We could have joined a community that was celebrating today which would have been very appropriate for this quest. I just didn’t see it on a calendar. I have to start paying attention to a real calendar and not the one that lists the obscure holidays. I’m missing an opportunity to expand my world.

So that was my day. One great new recipe and two missed holidays. I guess it’s still a win because the cinnamon crescents were a great treat and I was able to use the knowledge of what I’ve learned along the way to create something without a recipe. That’s a small little victory. Plus it gave us a great treat that was perfect with our coffee. I was thinking about my brother and sister today too, so that was kind of celebrating. You can’t always get together with them but a day like Sibling Day is a time to keep them in your thoughts. I have a lot of fun memories with them and that kept me smiling throughout the day. I suppose that was something too. As far as Passover goes, well I just missed that. Simply blanked on it. At least I’ve learned a lesson here. At least I know that I’ll have to keep my eyes open for what’s right in front of me. I do wish a Happy Pesach to all those who are celebrating. Sorry I wasn’t sitting down to the seder table with you. I guess I was too busy eating my cinnamon crescents.

Next Up: National Cheese Fondue Day 


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