Day 163 – National Bittersweet Chocolate Day

Today was a lesson in procrastination with a bittersweet ending.  When I knew bittersweet chocolate day was coming, I got ready for it.  I found a recipe.  I picked up a package of bittersweet chocolate.  I made sure I had everything I needed.  I was ready.  But I think that’s where things went awry.  I knew I was ready so I figured I had time.

We had plans to go to Lola’s sister’s house for dinner.  Lola said we would be going there at 5 pm.  OK, got it.  But somehow I filed that info as we were leaving at 5, not being there at 5.  So I went through my day as normal and then at about 4:15, I popped out in the kitchen to make the cookies.  I preheated the oven.  I took out all the ingredients.  I mixed the flour with the dry ingredients. I creamed the butter and sugars.  Combined them all together and then folded in my bittersweet chocolate morsels.  I had a nice little dough, so I started scooping out balls of it and placing it on a sheet pan.  At this point, it was 4:45.  I looked up and Lola was ready to go.  I however, was covered in dough.

I’m not sure why I thought I had time to make cookies in a half hour and get ready to leave, but that’s where I was.  When I saw Lola’s face, I knew I had to do an about face.  I turned off the oven, stuck the dough and the sheet pan into the fridge, then ran upstairs to clean up.  I was able to get ready pretty quickly (all I really had to do was clean up the baking stuff on me and change clothes) but I left the counter still messy with my baking supplies.  I’d say I was ready in about 5 minutes which worked.  Lola was not upset, just kind of bewildered at why I thought I could bake cookies at that moment.  Sometimes your head doesn’t really connect the pertinent facts when it comes to organizing your time.  Lesson learned.

We ended up getting to Katie’s house before Katie was even home, so no harm, no foul.  Schedules had made it so that we hadn’t seen Katie and the kiddos since before Christmas and it was good to see them today.  They gave us big greetings and hugs when they saw us, calling us various poop and fart names as they tend to do. I think every niece and nephew  of mine has always called me something related to poop.  That could give a guy a complex.  All in good fun though.  We gave them some Christmas presents and they were generally excited (at the very least just to tear open the wrapping) and then we all sat at the counter for some Thai food.  Eva was galloping across the kitchen on her new unicorn (I think I have to get one of them for Lola now) and Savvy was busy trying to build the fort from the fort kit we got them for Christmas.  Lola, Katie and I just chatted and finally got to catch up on the important things (like the Survivor finale).  It was a pretty fun and cozy night.  When bath time came, Lola went upstairs with the girls (her presence was eagerly requested).  They wanted her to jump in with her clothes on (something Lola has been known to do), but Lola did not have a change of clothes, so she stayed dry.  I was downstairs and I could hear their chatter.  Savvy was writing a poem that actually sounded pretty good.  When she was changed in to her jammies, she came downstairs and sat next to me to write it out.  I’d ask her what she was doing but she kept shushing me so she could focus.  I was able to help her on a few spelling questions though so I hope I get some writing credits.  I then heard Eva and Lola upstairs reading books.  I wasn’t sure what was a cuter sound: the enthusiastic voice and giggles of little Eva or the laughter and sounds of joy from Lola.  Our being there kept the girls up past their bedtime and you could sense everyone getting a little tired.  I think we left around 8:30, but it was a fun night with some fun faces that we missed.

I still had to make the cookies though so as soon as I walked in, I turned on the oven.  I got the dough out of the fridge and finished making the balls and placing them on sheet pans. I made them on the larger side and just pushed them down a bit. As soon as the oven was preheated, I put them in the oven and then cleaned up the mess I had left behind.  It wasn’t too bad.  I try to clean as I go so there’s never a big pile at the end.  Everything was all cleaned up by the time the timer went off.  They took about 16 minutes to cook.  I let them cool as I sat down to watch the Obama farewell speech.


When the cookies were cooled, I sprinkled some confectionary sugar on top and then grabbed a couple so I could have a nice little snack before bed.  Lola said she didn’t want one.  These cookies, despite my interrupted process, came out pretty good.  They were still warm and the chips were especially melty.  That’s a good thing.  In fact, when Lola saw that she broke down and had one with me.  It was a good chewy cookie.  The bittersweet chocolate was good too and a nice change from the usual semi-sweet (although to be honest, we would have liked them better if they were sweet).  The recipe was from the folks at Food Network and was pretty highly rated.  I could see why.  They leave you with a bitter aftertaste (as you would expect from bittersweet chocolate), but it’s an enjoyable experience and a cookie worthy of anyone’s palate.

If I had to do this day over again, I would have made the cookies earlier in the day.  I would have given myself plenty of time to get ready so we could have even brought some cookies to our friends for them to enjoy. This day decided to roll another way and all I could do was follow along.  I guess you have to be flexible.  But it all works out fine in the end.  I had a fun night with family, I had a tasty dinner and I came home to some warm, fresh baked cookies.  That’s a bittersweet way to end any day.

Next Up: National Milk Day (If I only had some cookies to go with it!) 


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