Day 123 – National Pie Day

What happened to Pie Day being on March 14th (you know on 3/14, like pi)?  I really am getting confused by how these days are selected.  Sometimes they don’t make sense.  Then again, we are kind of in a true season of pie.  Just last Thursday, tables throughout the country were filled with all kinds of pies: pumpkin, sweet potato, apple.  And more pies will keep popping up throughout this month too.  I guess that’s part of the holiday season, so maybe ringing in December with a Pie Day does make sense.

We’ve been having our fill of sweets here lately.  Mousse cups yesterday, a tray of peanut butter balls on Tuesday, Bavarian Cream pie on Monday.  It’s been rough (well as rough as having too many sweets can be). So when I saw it was pie day, I felt like going the savory route would be best, just to take a little break.  When it comes to savory pies, my first choice would either be Chicken Pot Pie or Sheppard’s Pie.  But as fate would have it, we just had that.  I made a kind of makeshift shepherd’s pie with leftover turkey and mashed potatoes just the other day.  I was kind of maxed out on those flavors.  I was at a loss of what to do, so I followed the advice that I believe Confucius once shared with his disciples. “When in doubt, think tacos.”  And as usual, tacos had my answer.

Taco Pie!  Is there such a thing?  There should be.  I did a quick look online and yes indeed taco pie is a thing.  They seem to drift into the land of taco casseroles pretty quickly, so I had to make sure my creation would be an actual pie.  There were a few recipes for just that.  One used Bisquick and it looked like the end product would have a biscuit like texture (which is not a bad thing).  The other recipe used tortillas and although I fancy a biscuit, I thought that using tortillas would be a bit more authentic (plus I still had some leftover big tortillas from Thanksgiving).  I used this recipe from a blog called Our Life Tastes Good as the basis for my creation, but used some of my own input to make it personal.  That really meant using taco seasoning with the beef.  My vision was having taco night without the 8,000 bowls you end up using for taco night. This would be contained all in one pie tin.

I put one tortilla in the bottom of the pie tin and spread some refried beans atop it.  I covered that with another tortilla and then spread the taco beef over that and covered it again with another tortilla.  That went in the oven for about 15 minutes so that the tortillas could brown up.  When I took it out, I spread salsa across the top and then sprinkled crushed tortilla chips over the layer of salsa.  Then I added freshly diced tomatoes and lettuce and covered it all with cheddar cheese.  That was it.  It looked pretty good.  It’s hard to tell it was a pie from the picture below, but it really was – all neatly contained in one pie tin.  I served it with some sour cream and some fresh made guacamole.


It was good.  I wish it would have stayed together more so that I could have served an actual slice.  But with all the fresh ingredients on the top, it was hard to achieve that picture perfect slice.  Had I made the Bisquick recipe or the casserole, it may have kept it’s form more, but that’s part of the trail and error process. It was still delicious. It ate more like a taco salad, which is still good in my book.  It was missing one thing which we couldn’t pinpoint.  It may have been the salsa we used which just didn’t mix well with the other flavors, or maybe it just needed that extra texture to give it that completeness.  Just not sure.  But it was good and at the very least, we have something we can keep working on to make better and better.

I guess that’s one of the appeals of pie: you can go in so many directions with it.  I think had I made a sweet pie today, Lola may have smushed it in my face (which could almost be reason to make one).  Wouldn’t it have been fun if we celebrated pie day with a giant Bugsy Malone style pie fight?  I think I just set the agenda for March 14th!  In any case, pie gave us the option to make it savory and have a nice little dinner pie.  Pie can be whatever you want it to be, but it will always be delicious and worth our celebration.

Now I’m thinking about this pie fight.  This is what our house will be like on March 14th:

Next Up: National Fritters Day


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