Day 118 – National Cake Day

I don’t think there’s any more celebrated food than cake.  Not that cake itself is celebrated, but it certainly pops up at a lot of celebrations.  What’s a birthday without a cake?  It’s one of the only foods that when it’s presented, it will make a group of people sing together as one.  It’s also one of the only food we make wishes upon.  So I am glad that cake gets its very own day to be celebrated.

There are lots of kind of cakes.  Chocolate, Vanilla, Bundt, Layer, Coffee – the list goes on (Wikipedia lists over 100 different kinds of cakes).  Don’t forget about Baby Cakes too (shout out to @TheCookieRojas).  The dilemma of making a cake is that you kind of want an occasion to eat it at.  It’s strange to go about making a cake, decorating it and then just eating it yourself.  It needs a celebration, and I had no such celebration planned.  The thought of this sat in my head all day.  I kept procrastinating going about making a cake because I could not think of something good to make.  I was stalled by indecision and the inspiration on what I should make never came.

As the day wore on and I knew I still had to celebrate cake.  I thought about taking a road trip to Gregg’s which is a restaurant/bakery in Rhode Island.  There is one in North Kingston that my brother’s family frequents and they have taken us there too.  But there’s also one in East Providence.  Gregg’s was somewhat famous for being a favorite of our Governor Raimondo and also President Obama who made a stop there on his visit to our state.  He ordered a whole Death by Chocolate layer cake and brought it onto Air Force One to share with his team (unless he binged on the whole thing which is a President’s prerogative). Gregg’s is famous for their cakes which are proudly on display in bakery cases in the front of the restaurant and they will make you salivate while you are waiting for your table.  The Death by Chocolate cake is no joke either.  Chocolate, chocolate and chocolate, stacked about ten layers high.  President Obama made a great decision.  I thought that a slice of that might be a great way to celebrate cake, however the longer into the day we went, the less interested I was in a trip to Providence.  Dark had settled in by now and I was even less inclined tomato that trip. In the end, to solve my celebration dilemma, I went to the place with all the answers: Clement’s Marketplace.

The bakery at Clement’s always has lots of cakes available but as I browsed through the choices, they all seemed too much for just Lola and I.  I then found their selection of pieces of cake – just good ol’ slices of cake intended for anyone craving a single piece of cake.  This could have been the answer but something inside of me wanted more, so I kept on looking.  I ventured out of the bakery section to the frozen foods section and started to peek at the cakes available there.  Pepperidge Farm, Marie Callender’s, Sara Lee – all kinds of big names in the cake world, but that still didn’t peak my interest.  Then I looked at the end of the aisle and I noticed the Lil’ Debbie Cakes were all on display.  Intrigued, I moved closer, then my eyes moved downward and I found it.  The answer.  Entenmann’s.

I think most people from these parts have a special place in their heart for Entenmann’s.  They do the mass-produced bakery items right.  Sure everyone wants a nice fresh chocolate chip cookie, but if I gave you a box of Entenmann’s mini chocolate chip cookies, you’d probably be pretty excited.  Have you tried their donuts?  Their glazed crumb donut (which coincidentally we served at our football game) is among the best donuts you can get from a box.  Their crumb coffee cake was a Sunday staple at my house for years – an after church treat for all.  Everyone has their favorite.  Just seeing their signature logo brings feelings of happiness.  They make cakes too, and they don’t scrimp on the frosting either.  Plus, they are not the cakes you associate with big celebrations.  They are small enough so you can bust them out anytime.  I found my answer and picked up their chocolate fudge cake.


I served it up with a dollop of whipped cream on the side (one of the Thanksgiving leftovers – we don’t usually have whipped cream on hand, but it’s been a nice addition lately) along with a glass of milk because look at that chocolate!  It hit the spot.  If you were to give a taste test with an Entenmann’s cake next to a homemade cake, you would instantly know which one was homemade.  But that’s ok.  This cake had it’s own taste and it satisfied.  The whipped cream was actually a nice complement too because the cake was so fudgey that it needed that boost of cool sweetness.  It was cake, it was enjoyed and best of all, I didn’t have to clean up any pots or pans.  All in all, I’d say that was a win.


Today was one of those days that I had so many options I didn’t know what to do.  But in the end, I just went with the universe and the answer came to me.  That won’t always happen, but when it does, it makes me feel like I am on the right path.  I even ended up supporting our local grocer on Small Business Saturday, and that’s a good thing to support too.  I’m learning that I need to be flexible on this quest so I can keep up momentum.  That’s good too because with all this celebration, sometimes it’s nice just to open a box and dig in.  And add the whipped cream too.

Next Up: National Bavarian Cream Pie Day 


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