Day 117 – National Parfait Day

Today was a day that I needed a little rest as I’m sure everyone else did after the hectic pace of the last few days (topped off by the overindulgence of Thanksgiving).  It was a rainy day too which always makes you feel like taking some chill time.  And although today was Black Friday, I knew I would not be partaking in that particular festivity.  That’s not really my thing.  Nothing against it – for people that like shopping, it can be a fun day.  We always hear about the crazy shoppers fighting their way to get a $5 toaster, but the idea of shopping the day after Thanksgiving is kind of a gentle way to ring in the holiday season.  It gets people together for fun and brings them joy.  That’s a good thing.  It’s just been overhyped by the mega-retailers who turned it into a craze.  Either way, it’s not my thing especially when I’m tired.

I was grateful that today was actual National Blasé Day.  Blasé is a word of French origin meaning to be indifferent or bored with life, unimpressed, as or as if from an excess of worldly pleasures.  I could do that.  I could enjoy doing that.  So most of the day, after cleaning up a little from our holiday preparation, I sank into the couch under a blanket and tried to rest.  We ended up binge watching a show on Netflix called The Crown which retells the tale of Queen Elizabeth as she took over the Monarchy.  The story intertwines with a lot of actual historical events too, so it peaked our interest.  John Lithgow as Winston Churchill too.  Worth a watch, although always a little tough to get used to the British accents.  In the afternoon, we got to partake in one of my favorite post-Thanksgiving traditions: the leftovers!  Becky and Jeff were nice enough to send us home with a stash and after the second episode, I put together a couple of sandwiches for us.

You have to craft your leftover sandwich with care and respect.  You need the right bread (we happened to have some dinner rolls that would work fine).  You need some mayonnaise to give it some flavor.  Then you layer the turkey, top it with heated up stuffing and mashed potatoes and then top it all with some cranberry sauce.  I also served a scoop of the corn casserole and sweet potatoes on the side so it really was like second Thanksgiving (they really hooked us up).  It’s the perfect meal for Blasé Day.  It only needed some ice cold Cokes in small bottles on the side which was always a staple of the famous Gigi Day After Thanksgiving meal.  I forgot to pick those up so we made due with what we had on hand.

Later at night, I celebrated National Parfait Day.  There’s a broad definition for a parfait. It’s usually served in a tall thin glass, but it is essentially layers of ice cream, pudding or yogurt mixed in with layers of chocolate, nuts, or fruit.  My mom is a big fan of the parfait. She even has parfait glasses and even more practical, parfait spoons which are long like sundae spoons and have great function when trying to eat from a tall thin glass.  My mom would serve up parfaits after special dinners and my nephews and niece all grew up enjoying a nice parfait after Christmas Dinner.  It’s a tradition.  But apart from the glass, it was really just an ice cream sundae.  That’s what I made.  I didn’t have any parfait glasses (nor do I want one), but I did have a tall thin beer glass which would serve my purpose.  I started with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, topped it with caramel sauce, more ice cream, chocolate sauce, more ice cream, both sauces and then whipped cream.  It looked good and even Lola who didn’t want one, wanted a taste when she saw it.


It’s really an ice cream sundae.  And it was good.  The prefect nightcap to a blasé day.  I realized that today was also National Buy Nothing Day which is a day that is part of a movement against consumerism, urging the world to change their purchasing habits, to consume and produce less.  And thanks to my laziness, I spent no money today.  I don’t think Lola did either apart from going out to breakfast with her friends.  But I am proud that no giant retailers took our money today.  Take that consumerism!  So at the end of the day, on a day that started out by not wanting to celebrate anything, I celebrated the hell out of this day by pretty much doing nothing.  Those are the good days.  Celebrating the joy of relaxation and just resting.  Let’s keep those days coming because we all need them, and sometimes those days come with an ice cream sundae reward at the end.  Cheers!

Next Up: National Cake Day 


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