Day 108 – National Fast Food Day

Could have done without that one.

Alright, let’s face it, Fast Food is what it is.  We all know that it’s not the ideal dining choice.  It’s salty, fatty, and possibly comes from questionable sources.  It’s not good for you and it is usually served with a side order of guilt and shame.  But, knowing all that, you can’t deny that it is fast (I don’t even have to get out of my car), it’s on the cheap side and it usually tastes pretty damn good.  I’m not here to argue whether or not fast food is a scourge on our society.  I’m not here to highlight how it feeds upon the underprivileged.  I’m not here to explain what it does to your digestive system.  I’m just here to celebrate Fast Food Day, and I did.

I thought back to when you are a kid and getting McDonald’s or any fast food was a pretty big deal (more so in my day than it is now).  You’d be excited.  You wish you had your own driver’s license so you could eat there all the time.  You wanted to order 100 order of french fries and just eat that for dinner.  It was a magical place.  Adulthood changes that.  That’s when fast food places become spots to stop when you only have a few minutes to spare, when nothing else is open or when you have to use the bathroom.  I thought for today I would try and get in touch with that feeling of fast food awe from my youth.  Make my visit a big deal.  So for celebration, I plotted out a course to stop at all the fast food places in town (or at least the most recognizable ones).

I gave myself a few rules.  First, I had to use the drive thru.  If this was celebrating fast food, then the proper way to do it would be by ordering my meal into a squawk box.  That’s what fast food has become these days.  Second, I had to bring everything home.  This is not typical fast food behavior, but I wanted to make the night special, so when the person behind the sliding window handed me my bag, I would seal it, place it in the back seat and try to resist the temptation on my drive home.  My first stop was at the golden arches where I picked up some french fries and, to honor the special day, a Big Mac.  I almost never opt for a Big Mac, mainly because they get sloppy to eat when you are driving.  But since we were celebrating fast food, I felt that ordering two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun was the iconic way to go.  Service was fast and friendly, which was a nice surprise.

Next up was everyone’s favorite ginger, Wendy’s. This was right across the street (why are fast food restaurants always right next to each other?)  I just ordered some french fries here.  My goal was to have a taste test with the fries from the Big Three.  I didn’t want (or need) to order burgers from every restaurant, just the fries.  Although while I was waiting, the thought of a Frostee was tempting me, but I stuck to just the fries.  Service was fine here if unremarkable.  Next up was Burger King which was about a mile away.  It looked kind of deserted which I thought was odd (it was 7 pm), so I imagine they are the least popular spot in town.  I just ordered fries here as well, although the signs for the Cheetos Chicken Fries were looking somewhat tempting.  Service was fast here and I was in and out in minutes.  On my way to my next stop I passed by Taco Bell.  I forgot they were even there (I think that’s kind of new to town).  Had I thought about it, I would have stopped here too, but I had already mapped out my plan and it did not call for tacos.  However, Taco Bell is always a good option for fast food that’s out of the burger norm too.

My last stop was also out of the burger norm: Kentucky Fried Chicken.  Before I left I asked Lola if she wanted any specific fast food and begrudgingly she said KFC.  An excellent choice, but I can’t say she was in full support of this endeavor.  She saw a bad future for post-fast food day.  I picked up a 3 piece box.  I can’t tell you the last time I went to KFC so I was stumped by the questions coming from the box.  Dark meat or white? Original or Crispy? Just give me chicken and potatoes!  The meal also came with coleslaw and a biscuit which really made the whole deal pretty impressive.  Service there was fast and friendly too.  I must say that all the service I received at every restaurant was adequate and friendly.  I like to see that.  I headed back home with my four bags of fast food in tow.


Our French fry taste test was the first thing we tried.  I gave Lola a blind taste test here so she could really be unbiased.  Our test kind of failed however because the fries were mostly cold so you couldn’t really judge them correctly.  However, of the three, I think the Burger King fries were our winner.  They were bigger and thicker than the other fries, plus they were crispier.  I think they have a coating on them.  So Burger King wins, but fries from any fast food place, when hot, are always great.

I served our dinners on plates which is just weird with fast food.  It looked out of place.  The Big Mac was just what you would expect.  The combo of the special sauce and pickles with the burger is really a good mix.  I’m surprised I don’t opt for this burger more often.  The KFC chicken was good as always too.  It really is crispy outside, moist inside.  It’s particularly good when you dunk the chicken into the mashed potatoes too.  Lola is not a fan of coleslaw, so I ate that and I don’t think Lola knows what she’s missing because KFC coleslaw is really good.  It tastes fresh and kind of balances out the other food (to a point).  I’d tell you more, but you’ve all had fast food before.  You know it’s good.

We celebrated.  We didn’t really want to and we are already feeling shame, but so goes the mandates of this quest.  I hate to be so negative.  Fast food really does have a place in our society.  We might all complain, but we’ve all done the dance.  It’s been there for us on long nights of driving when you are hungry, needed a break and didn’t want to steer too far off course.  It’s there for us when we want something hot to eat and only have ten minutes to spare.  We’ve been there with our friends, with our family, with teams celebrating and with classmates having fun.  It’s just there for us when we need it.  We have to still be cautious.  We can’t always cave to her seductive calls.  But every now and then, in a pinch or when you’re having the craving, it delivers, and that’s worth celebrating.

Next up: National Baklava Day    



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