Day 95 – National Sandwich Day

I’m not sure why, but sometimes these holidays have a national appeal and they pop up as trending on social media.  National Sandwich Day is one of them and my feeds were filled today with all kinds of Sandwich Day posts and messages.  Subway was giving away a free sandwich with the purchase of every sandwich.  Food Network was featuring their favorites throughout the day.  Jimmy Johns was trolling Panera with some bread puns.  It was a thing and pretty much any place that sells sandwiches was in on the action.  I guess that’s the nature of viral activity.  For me however, whenever I see National Days trending, I always feel like someone is encroaching on my turf.  Sure they all come out for sandwich day, but where were they on Spumoni Day!?!  I don’t know, I guess I’m just defensive.

If any day deserves to trend, it’s sandwich day because sandwiches are awesome.  It was actually a hard day to celebrate because there was way too many avenues for me to take my celebration upon.  Do I find the best sandwich?  Do I make one?  Do I go simple (PB & J) for classic appeal?  Do I go exotic to expand my world (a Banh Mi perhaps)?  Do I search out best on the island?  Best in town?  Best in Rhode Island?  Should I go lunch lady land and get a Dagwood on a bulkie?  I really had too many options and I was frozen up like an overworked computer.

I decided to try a new place and found a sandwich shop in Bristol just 12 minutes away that had some good reviews online.  There was no webpage or menu for them, but the feedback said that it was great and that it fills up every day with workmen and women for lunch.  That’s a good sign.  It’s called Goglia Market and it sounds like it’s a mini-market but with a sandwich counter.  Those are the kind of places I grew up on and they are usually great hidden gems.  I hopped in the car and was on my way.  Then I hit traffic.  Bad traffic.  There’s one way into Bristol and that’s over the Mount Hope Bridge (#Islanditis).  I’m not sure if there was an accident or just construction traffic, but I sat in a completely stopped line of traffic that started about a mile away from the actual bridge for about ten minutes.  I had to turn around.  My trip to Goglia’s will come, just not today.  I decided to go to Clement’s Market instead.

Clement’s, who I mention here all the time, is our local independently owned grocery store and I get a lot of our groceries from there.  It’s around the corner from our house and is really convenient, plus it was Lola’s mom’s favorite spot which makes it a sentimental choice as well.  Besides groceries and all the usual stuff, they have great sandwiches that they make fresh at their deli counter.  Probably the best sandwich spot in town.  My only recommendation is that if you want a sandwich, call ahead because otherwise you will have to wait.  Not that they are slow, it just takes a while to craft the goodness.  I had one other errand to make so I pulled over, called in our order and then made my other stop.  By the time I got to Clement’s, our sandwiches were waiting for me at the counter.

They have a Sandwich Club too which gets stamped every time you get a sandwich and I thought today was the day I reached my tenth sandwich (meaning the next one was free).  I felt that it would be pretty fitting to achieve that life goal on sandwich day.  However, one of our sandwiches was a panini which meant it would get marked on a separate panini card and I was still one sandwich short for a free one.  Oh well, I’ll get in next time.  So close.

I got two sandwiches for us.  The first was the classic BLT with some guacamole on a ciabatta roll.  Can’t go wrong here.  Bacon was good and fresh and nice and crispy.  In fact everything on the sandwich tasted nice and fresh from the guacamole, which they now make in house and sell by the pint, to the tomatoes and lettuce.  The ciabatta is always a great bread choice too because it’s sturdy and soaks in all the flavors, especially when the tomato melds with the mayonnaise.  Lots of bacon too, which is a plus.


The second was a panini.  The thing about a good panini is that you have to let it cook which is why you should always call ahead for them.  They need a good ten minutes in the press to get the outside nice and crispy.  Clement’s makes great ones.  Ours was the Thanksgiving Panini – Boar’s Head turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and cheese (they make it with Swiss but I subbed in American).  This sandwich (the Thanksgiving, not just Clement’s) could be one of the all-time classics and makes me excited for the upcoming sandwiches at the end of the month. As a panini, it’s particularly good because it’s all contained in this hot, crusty bread and the flavors all melt together.  I just wanted some gravy to dunk it in.


Our sandwich day celebration ended up being a pretty tasty salute to the classics.  We went halvsies when we were eating them so we both had a taste of each sandwich and I don’t think there was one clear favorite – they were both winners.  Maybe I shouldn’t be so defensive about all this trending sandwich celebration, because a sandwich deserves as much trumping as we can give it.  To me, its the perfect food and I am glad the world continues to sing it’s praises.  The Earl of Sandwich would be so proud.

Next up: National Candy Day


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