Day 88 – National American Beer Day

In this turbulent time of political debates and ideological back and forths, it’s nice to have a holiday that celebrates one of the great things about these United States of America: Beer, the beautiful elixir of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Our country was founded on great beer.  Not really, but it was founded by great men who enjoyed great beer.  Washington, Franklin, Jefferson and Madison were all known beer fans and even dabbled in brewing their own.  John Adams fancied a nice cold brew and I can only assume his cousin Sam did too.  I also hear that Aaron Burr was the kind of guy you that you could grab a beer with (just don’t sit him next to Hamilton, who needs to learn how to talk less).  There’s some deep rooted beer loving in America.

When I saw that it was American Beer Day, it made me think of the true blue American beers (the American lagers) that have become the foundation of this great nation.  The Budweisers.  The Coors.  The Millers.  And although most of those brewers are now owned by multinational corporations and not based in the United States, the beer is still made here and celebrated here.  That’s what American beer is to me.  Sure, we have thousands of micro-breweries throughout the states that have changed the perception of beer in America for the better.  Those deserve celebration too.  But let’s not forget what got us where we are today.  It’s your first beer that will always have that special place in your heart, and when you were underage sipping beer with all your friends around a fire at the beach and celebrating the audacity of youth, you were sipping on this kind of American beer.  (Can you hear that Kid Rock song playing in your head now?)

I myself fancy only the finest of beers.  In fact, you may even say that I go for the champagne of beers.  That’s right, Miller High Life.  I’m actually not sure when this became my beer of choice.  I used to be a strictly Bud Light guy.  But the High Life just seems to suit me lately.  When they are good and cold, they just hit the spot.  I guess I’m just a traditionalist at heart.


How do you celebrate American Beer Day?  You drink some American Beer.  So I did.  Only a couple.  It was kind of a cold, rainy night, so I wasn’t feeling particularly festive (or like getting my drink on).  I had one at my desk while I was finishing up some stuff around 5 PM today and then cracked another as I write this.  They were good and cold and refreshing.  Just what a beer should be.  It tasted like freedom.

I hope you took a moment to celebrate some American Beer today too.  It’s almost your patriotic duty to do so.  So in the spirit of this great country, raise your glass and toast to the tasty craftsmanship and hard working labor of all those whose efforts bring beer to our table and to our mugs.  Toast to all those who have stood on our free land and and enjoyed the spoils of good cold beer with friends and family.  Toast to every beer cracked in celebration and every beer sipped in sorrow.  It’s the libation by which the story of America is told, and we are grateful for all the beer that flows to the free and the brave.  It is with a mug full of beer that we say cheers as we work hard to promote the general welfare and to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.

God bless the beer of America.

‘Merica #nationalamericanbeerday #highlife #champagneofbeers🍻 #freedom @millerhighlife

A video posted by Dan Lederer (@dans_holiday_adventure) on Oct 27, 2016 at 1:10pm PDT


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