Day 72 – National Sausage Pizza Day

Devoted followers of this blog will think this post is a rerun (like a Gilligan’s Island or Brady Bunch episode).  Back on Day 63, I also celebrated with a sausage pizza.  To explain, that day was a difficult day to celebrate so I invoked the Month Celebration Rule of this quest which allows me to celebrate whatever the month long observation is if the individual day is not easy to celebrate.  So, because it’s National Pizza Month and National Sausage Month, I celebrated with a sausage pizza not knowing that 9 days later, there was a whole day devoted to this particular pizza.  That’s just how this goes but maybe I’ll learn to plan out a little further in advance.

Regardless, it was National Sausage Pizza Day so when dinnertime rolled around, we ordered a sausage pizza.  This time we decided to order from a place we have not tried for pizza but came highly recommended by blogsultants Kate P. and Cherie.  It’s Pomodoro Pizzeria in Bristol which is kind of off the beaten path on Wood Street in a mostly residential area.  We’ve eaten dinner here before, and it was excellent, but never had their pizza.  It’s a cute little spot with a limited amount of tables and a nice outdoor patio for the summer.  It’s a BYOB place too which is always a fun way to go to dinner especially when you walk in carrying your bottle of wine or in Lola’s case, your handle of Fireball.  I called in our order and it would be ready in about a half hour.  I ordered a large sausage pizza with onions and extra sausage.  I timed my pick-up perfectly so it was just ready when I walked in the door.

There must be something in sausage pizza that fuels some bad energy between Lola and me because if you recall from our first sausage pizza earlier in the month, we were having a bit of a misunderstanding that day.  I don’t even remember the details other than we were tired from a long weekend, but there was definitely a dark cloud hanging over the pizza that day.  Today when I brought home the pizza, Lola, who was craving some fresh delicious pizza, couldn’t believe I ordered it with onions.  She was in disbelief that I didn’t know she doesn’t like onions and that I didn’t even ask her about adding onions. But I didn’t know Lola doesn’t like onions.  She likes them sometimes – when they are chopped up finely or really cooked through, but not in large pieces that still have a crunch.  This is weird because I’m usually observant and pay attention to these kind of things.  I knew her sister Katie hates onions – won’t have anything to do with them.  That’s where I think I was confused because Lola will eat onions, just not in this format.  I think I also got confused because I had talked to Cherie about sausage pizza after our last order and she said I had to order it with onions.  I just assumed Lola would agree with that as if onions on your sausage pizza was a long standing Mellow tradition.  Nonetheless, when I opened the pizza box, we had one of those moments of married life where you have a little disagreement and your reactions get fueled by our defense mechanisms which stokes the fire of discord even higher.  After a few moments of self reflection, we both apologized to each other and found some common ground upon which we could move forward.  Another sausage pizza crisis survived.


This was good pizza.  I know if you are looking at the picture above and you are someone that shares Lola’s dislike of onions, you might be gagging.  Lola was able to pick out most of the onions and thankfully, she appreciates onion flavor, so it wasn’t something she couldn’t eat.  However, I must confess my apologies to her because if I was craving pizza and it was covered with something I didn’t like, I would not be happy.  I like onions and they actually pair well with the sausage.  They had good sausage too that was cut not too thin or not too thick.  The crust was awesome too.  Kind of thick and crunchy.  I think they may cook the crust in olive oil to give it that nice texture.  It was well worth it and a great pizza.  We may roll them into our pizza rotation places in the future although they are 15 minutes away and we have two pizza places within minutes from us.  But the extra drive would be worth it.

Today was also National Coming Out Day and although I did not come out today, I think this is a holiday that deserves some attention.  I wasn’t exactly sure what to say about this until I saw Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda’s tweet where he said:

That was it to me.  All I can do on this day is show my support.  If you come out, I’ll celebrate with you.  If you don’t, I respect your decision and you have my support.  I just want anyone who is struggling with the decision to know that your happiness and wellness is what’s important and we will love you no matter what.  That’s all I can say. “Love is love is love.”

Not to get political here, but that is something we should keep in mind on election day too, this year especially.

Today at sundown started the solemn day of Yom Kippur in the Jewish faith.  I had to look this up as well.  Yom Kippur is a Day of Atonement where Jews ask for forgiveness and pardon for sins committed in the previous year and resolve to do better in the year ahead.  It’s celebrated by fasting from sundown to sundown as a way to practice self-denial.  Ok, so even though I’m trying to get in the spirit of all these holidays, I’m just not sure if this Goyim is ready to jump aboard the fasting train just yet.  But, it’s interesting to understand why and how certain traditions are practiced.  What I can take from this is that I can resolve to do better in the year ahead.  We all can.  Atonement is something we can all learn to practice in our daily lives.  Forgiveness.  Our hearts can always use forgiveness to help them heal and to become more full, even after we order onions on a pizza.

G’mar chatimah tovah!

Next up: National Bring Your Teddy Bear to Work or School Day



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