Day 63 – National Name Your Car Day

Really?  We need a day for this?  For the record, we named our car on the first day we had it.  We called it Eddy Grant because our car is a Volt and runs partially on electric.  Now it rocks on down Electric Avenue wherever we go.   But that’s not much of a holiday.

We had left my sister’s house in Connecticut at around 10:30 and made the drive back to Rhode Island in a post-wedding mire that settled in.  We were tired, a bit hungover (at least I was), and we were just ready to take it easy.  When we got home around 1:00, our new fangled digital antenna wasn’t working correctly so watching football suddenly became a challenge.  It was cold and grey outside and we were both grumpy.  Not much in the mood for celebrating anything unless it was sleep.

I knew to keep the celebration quest going I would have to find a holiday that was easy to honor, so I looked at the list of National Month Observations in October.  There’s a lot and obviously if you watched football and saw all the pink, you knew it was Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  But October is also LGBT History Month, National Depression Education & Awareness Month and Positive Attitude Month.   All of those deserve attention and celebration, but I didn’t have it in me today to make anything of them or anything I would be proud of.  The list of October observations went on and on – there’s actually 114 celebrations for this month on the source I use for holidays.  Someone got a little excited handing out these days.  They range from the simple (Emotional Wellness Month) to the bizarre (Feral Hog Month) to ones that would seem fun to celebrate (National Sarcasm Month).  But I didn’t have much energy in me today at all.  I just didn’t.  I then found two things that I could easily celebrate: National Sausage Month and National Pizza Month.  Thanks October!


That’s all I could muster today which just involved a quick call to North End Pizzeria and twenty minutes later, I was celebrating.  I must admit, it was fortuitous to celebrate Pizza the day after a wedding when you are tired and hungover.  It was actually delightful.  I like the pizza at North End because it’s a good thick crust.  The sausage was good too although I always forget to order extra.  As long as your ordering it, might as well go all in.  It definitely hit the spot and right after I finished, I was ready for bed (about 8 PM), so I took a shower and then retired for the night.  I guess that’s how we do weddings now: one day of fun followed by a day of recovery.

So I know, I took the easy out today.  I’m ok with that.  It was all the energy I had for it.  I think that’s ok every once in a while.  It was still celebrating.

I did have one fun surprise last night as I was lying in bed and checking my phone.  I had an email come in from the one and only David Sedaris.  You may remember that on the first day of this quest which was Raspberry Cream Pie Day, Lola and I went to see Mr. Sedaris at the Jane Pickens Theater in Newport.  I naturally brought him a pie to celebrate (doesn’t everyone bring a pie to a book reading?)  That night on stage, he gave me a quick shout out for the pie although he didn’t know who specifically had given it to him.  He and his team  had dug into the pie before hitting the stage and one of his forts announcements was thanking the anonymous pie man.  Tonight I got an email from him thanking me for the pie (I had left my email in the note that accompanied the pie).  It was a short email but it was still fun to get a response from him.  So while I was feeling a little low in the celebration department today, a quick email made me realize how much fun this quest is and how spreading it around makes it all worthwhile.  All in all, a good little way to end the day.


Next Up: National Soft Taco Day 



  1. That last comment from Mr. Sedaris made me laugh out loud. It was more of a bark, really. Is today National First Day of Work Day, because I’m very tired and I need a back massage and a cocktail to celebrate. I may actually celebrate pizza sausage day tonight, myself.


    • danlederer · October 5, 2016

      Congrats on the new job! Have no fear – National Massage Therapy Awareness Week is coming up October 23rd!


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