Day 60 – National Coffee Day

I woke up at 4 am this morning.  No reason really.  I woke up to go to the bathroom and then couldn’t get back to sleep.  I stayed in bed to about 5, but then went downstairs because it didn’t feel like I was going to be able to get back to sleep and I didn’t want to keep Lola up.  When I came down, I turned on the tv and lay on the couch in the glow of the screen hoping sleep would kick in.  It didn’t.  After watching the morning show on Channel 10 news for a while and seeing Frank Coletta drink from his 1980’s FRANK mug (have you ever seen that thing?  – it makes me laugh every time), I decided that was time to get up and start my celebration of National Coffee Day.  I put the kettle on, put the milk in the frother and I was on my way to my journey of celebration.  Was I ever.

We use an Aeropress Coffee Maker for our coffee at home.  It makes a good cup of coffee and allows me to make a nice latte which is kind of my thing for coffee.  Lola likes a good latte too, but she was born and bread as a straight up coffee drinker.  She was always partial to a good Dunkin Donuts medium coffee.  She tells me how she would always get her coffee there when she was in high school and anyone who knew her up in New Hampshire when she first moved up there will surely picture her with a DD in her hand. When she and I first met, her car used to have a supply of red stirrer-straws from the Dunk which she used to drink her coffee to help avoid spilling (an anti Mellow-clumsy tactic).  They don’t carry those straws at Dunkin’ anymore but they do carry sandwiches that use waffles as the bread (a small indication of the DD business focus these days).  Lola also comes from a family that enjoyed a nice Taster’s Choice coffee every now and then.  She will bust that out one of them every once and a while, usually when she is thinking about her Mom who was partial to them.  Me?  I just stick with the lattes.

My first coffee this morning was ready at about 6:30 and I took it into my office and played on my computer.  That’s when I busted out my blog entry for yesterday (Beer Day) and made sure I was up to date on all the events of the day.  Usually I don’t have any early appointments, but today I was taking a very special class at the Becky Breslin School of Cookie Design so I had to be at her house at 9 am.  On my way there, I stopped at Dunkin Donuts for my second cup of the day – a latte – and also picked up some coffees for Becky and Jeff so they could celebrate the day too.  Class went until about 11 am and afterwards I had to head down the street to Cox Cable to make sure they are still jerks (sorry, we have Cox frustrations).  While there, I stopped at Starbucks for another small latte.  This is when I decided my Coffee Day celebration should involve coffees throughout the day from all the different local spots.  This, in retrospect, was a bad idea.


After Cox, I had to drive to Providence to take care of some insurance stuff.  Before I left town, I stopped at Cumberland Farms for a coffee.  They had a promotion today that if you texted “coffee day” to them, you would get a free coffee.  For some reason, this caught my ear while I was watching Frank sip his morning Joe on tv, so I texted and had the free coffee waiting for me on my phone.  I don’t think I have ever had Cumby’s coffee before although Cherie always gives them a good grade.  I got a small one with some milk (lattes are not an option) and was delighted to get it for free and enjoy it on my drive.  After the appointment, around 2:30, I stopped at Sip n’ Dip Donuts which is a local chain with about eight locations in the MA/RI area.  I have never been here but I see them around and have always wanted to stop in.  I got a small coffee (which was good) and a glazed stick (which was excellent).  This was my fifth coffee of the day.

When I got back to town, I had a follow up class at the BBSCD (Becky Breslin School of Cookie Design) so on my way there, I stopped at Empire Coffee.  Empire is a coffee shop that has been in Newport since 2004 and they have four locations around the island.  Their newest location shares a space with Subway sandwich shop in Portsmouth, so when you walk in, the right side of the building is a typical Subway while the left side has a small counter with all the coffee set ups.  Seems like an odd coupling, but they make good coffee.  I picked up a coffee for my teacher and also an espresso for myself.  I figured a quick shot of coffee wouldn’t be as filling.

After class, around 5 PM, I made my last stop of the day at the Portsmouth Publick House and had a small coffee (which is actually 16 ounces).  They have good coffee here and I have used this spot before as a virtual office using their WiFi as I sipped coffee.  However, they are always trying to build their business and what used to be primarily a coffee place is now a full restaurant with drinks and really good food.  They still offer coffee, but their focus is definitely more on the restaurant end these days.  Regardless, I picked up my 7th cup of coffee for the day and headed home.

Help.  I’m cracked out.  I am exhausted because of that 4 am thing, but my eyes won’t close.  My stomach hurts.  My hands are jittery.  Focusing is squirrel.  This was a bad idea bear.

Some celebrations you try to get a jump on and while they seem like good ideas at the time, once you start going, you realize you have made an error in judgement.  That’s where I am right now.  So I celebrated coffee today, but I think I may have overdone it.  Maybe some coffee ice cream will calm me down?  You live and learn.

Next Up: National Chewing Gum Day 


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