Day 49 – National Cheeseburger Day

Finally, cheeseburger day.  I found myself once again faced with my usual three-headed dilemma:

  1. Should I make it myself?
  2. Should we get them from a restaurant?
  3. If I go that route,  what restaurant should I get them from?

Lola tells me I make a really good cheeseburger.  Whenever I make them, she always raves about how they are the best which despite her bias, is a nice little ego booster.  I’m kind of the classic cheeseburger builder.  American Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato and Mayonnaise.  Sometimes I’ll put on a nice slice of fresh red onion which, in proportion, adds great flavor to any sandwich.  Lately I have been adding pickles to my burger (the “Stackers” brand make it easy), but that’s about as exotic as I like to be.  On Lola’s burger, I will add some fresh avocado or guacamole.  She’s also a fan of bacon and bbq sauce on hers, but I like to stay classic.  I’m also a big stickler on the right bun.  Lately I have been using the ciabatta rolls from Clement’s which are always nice and fresh and great at soaking up all the cheeseburger goodness.

Earlier in the day, we went to a brunch at Jeff and Becky’s house to celebrate Molly’s birthday.  In true Breslin fashion, a feast of Whoville proportion was set before us.  There was Belgium waffles, eggs and chourico, giant spiral hams, fruit salad, bagels with all the fixings, mimosas, cake – it was everything you could want and a true feast with friends and family.  We ended up getting home around 4 o’clock which is a long time to be at a brunch and we were brunched out.  We hit the couch and ended up watching the end of the Patriots game and then falling in to a late afternoon nap (which should be required on every Sunday afternoon, especially after a giant feast).  When we woke up around 5:30, I did not at all feel like shopping for a cheeseburger feast nor did I want to cook it.  Nope – we were going to celebrate Cheeseburger Day with some take out.

We also didn’t feel like going out to a restaurant and sitting down, although we did hear some good recommendations for burgers in the area.  Mission on Marlborough Street in Newport got the most raves, although Malt on Broadway had some fans too.  Plus there’s always the Brick Alley Pub which now has Plumby’s Upstairs Burger Bar.  That’s a restaurant that never lets you down (plus they have well patrolled alleyways for the safety of their guests – thanks Mike!).  Closer to us is Bossman Burger which used to be right up the street housed in space within a gas station.  They have a full restaurant now complete with bar and still crank out some of the best burgers around.  But we were still watching football and the Emmy awards were coming on at 8 PM, so we were comfortably settled in and not up for a night out.  We both had the vision of a cheeseburger that was neatly wrapped up in perfect packaging so everything would be kept together.  To us, that vision was Five Guys.


Five Guys is no secret anymore – they are popping up everywhere these days.  But they still have a great product.  Everything is fresh and that freshness really comes out in the flavor.  The closest one to us is in Newport (near Walmart) which was about fifteen minutes away.  I used the online ordering feature on their website which is really handy and efficient.  When I got there, I just had to wait a minute before my order was ready and given to me.  The hardest part was not digging into the fries on the ride home, but for once, I had some restraint and made it back home with a  full bag.  By that time, the paper bag it comes in was stained with the grease of the fries which is a good/bad kind of thing.

The cheeseburgers were still nice and hot when I got home and we ate them while watching the very last of the football games.  We ordered a large order of fries along with the burgers which is a ridiculous amount of French fries.  We had enough to split between the both of us and then some.  The burgers however were spot on as always and just what we had envisioned for this celebration.  They definitely require multiple napkins (which is a sign of quality in the burger world).  Cheeseburgers don’t need much fanfare because they are pretty much celebrated every day.  But they do deserve our appreciation for being a delicious little comfort for any meal, especially ones at the end of a long weekend when you get to enjoy them watching football and Emmy awards with the woman that rocks your chain.  Cheers to the cheeseburger!

Next Up: National Butterscotch Pudding Day


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