Day 47 – National Cinnamon Raisin Bread Day

I like when the holiday du jour is a nice easy one.  We need these kind of holidays mixed in with all the rest throughout this quest just so we can catch our breath.  All I had to do for this one was just pick up a loaf of Cinnamon Raisin Bread at the store and then pop it in the toaster.  I went with Pepperidge Farm because they seem to have a pretty good product when it comes to this kind of bread (and all kinds of bread for that matter).  Their Swirl line is top notch (and I just learned that they also make other flavors in their Swirl line besides Cinnamon Raisin like Strawberry, Brown Sugar and plain Cinnamon – who knew?).  Once I got home, I toasted the bread, then buttered it and then Lola and I enjoyed a nice little snack with our afternoon tea (actually, only Lola had tea).


I knew Cinnamon Raisin toast would be a happy memory for Lola because I seemed to remember that it was one of her mom’s little treats.   What I didn’t recall was that it was one of her mom’s special treats when she was sick.  Her appetite was not great during that time but the simple pleasure of Cinnamon Raisin Toast and some peppermint tea was something she would enjoy and was easy on her stomach.  Lola told me about how they would have tea parties together in the middle of the night when they both would be up and unable to sleep. I can almost picture the quiet scene of them sitting together, Golden Girls on the television and Lola and her mom both nibbling on these crunchy pieces of toast.  No matter what holiday I am celebrating, my favorite part about doing all this is hearing or remembering the memories that come from whatever we are celebrating.  Life is funny like that – how the thought of something can bring you to a world of memories and even bring us together over that one special thing.  That’s what the Cinnamon Raisin Bread did for us today, so we proudly toast the happy memories Cinnamon Raisin Bread brings to one and all (I said toast, get it?).

I suppose you may be wondering why I didn’t celebrate National Guacamole Day today which seems to be all the rage and even trending today on social media.  Well, to be honest, that’s still and open wound for me.  Not guacamole.  I still like guacamole and still make a pretty good one (if I do say so myself).  But to celebrate the day, that just didn’t seem right.  Over the years, our team spent a lot of time on celebrating this day back at my former place of employment.  We created slogans. We created promotions.  We came up with funny ideas to get the word out.  We championed it and made it something.  And then they didn’t want that anymore, at least from us.  I got an email from them today about how they were celebrating the big day and I couldn’t help reading about it with a feeling of disgust.  I may be in a state of being over critical and cynical, but I think I have the right to do that.  It’s still only been a month and you can’t get over 19 years in just a month.  But life marches on and I’m still trying to twirl my baton and lead my own parade to bigger and better places leaving the past right behind the horses where it belongs.

But the Cinnamon Raisin Bread was something special and I’m glad I celebrated that (I had to end on a high note).  On to better things.

Next Up: National Apple Dumpling Day  



  1. jenineanglo · September 17, 2016


    Visit, Follow and Comment on my blog. 👇

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jeff · September 17, 2016

    You’re not being over critical. You don’t replace Kid Taco. That’s why that place will always be defined by “remember how good it used to be?”

    Liked by 2 people

    • danlederer · September 18, 2016

      Thanks Jeff! We had quite a run there for a while alongside some great people. And we’ll always have Mexico 🙂 By the way, congrats to you and Amber too on your anniversary!


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