Day 44 – National Ants on a Log Day

I’ve never had this snack before.  I’ve snacked on peanut butter.  I’ve snacked on raisins.  I’ve snacked on celery.  I’ve just never consumed them all at once.  There’s not a confirmed story of where or how theses snacks were created, but general consensus is that it first appeared in the fifties.  That seems right – it seems kind of a fifties thing.  It’s the snack today’s modern housewife can make for her hungry kids to keep them happy while they’re making dinner and getting ready for Father to get home.  I can see Mrs. Cleaver giving them to Beave and the gang.

Whoever created it, they really made some good choices because the celery stick is a great delivery tool for the peanut butter (this would not be the same on a carrot stick).  The PB gets all inside the natural curvature of the stalk and fills in the gap so you get plenty of the nutty goodness.  Plus, when you chomp down, you get a nice quenching crunch from the celery.  The raisins function as the kitschy part of the treat (they are the ants) but also bring some sweetness to the party and although I was a naysayer on why the raisins had to be there, they definitely added to the overall flavor of the party.


Our house is a Skippy PB house.  I grew up in a house that was predominantly a Peter Pan Peanut Butter house but when I got married, we had to compromise.  I stood strong with the creamy though (crunchy is ok every now and then, but give some smooth and creamy any time).  We also like Sun-Maid raisins here too, but I think that’s because Lola thinks the Sun-Maid maiden looks like her Mom.  Either way, it’s a fine product.  We shared a snack of Ants on a Log at around three today which was perfect timing – a quick little boost of energy to get us through to dinner.  The celery was super fresh too which made it all the more tastier.  Maybe these ants on a log can become more of a staple around here.

I found out that there are other varieties of this snack as well.  If you opt for it without the raisins, then you call it an Ants on Vacation.  If you add a little honey on top of the peanut butter before you add the raisins, you got yourself an Ants on a Slip and Slide.  If you make it with currants instead of raisins, you’re weird, but you would call it Gnats on a Log.  You can also make Ants on a Log with cream cheese instead of peanut butter.  Not sure why that doesn’t have it’s own name like Ants on a Ski Slope or Ants on a Schmear, but it’s just called Ants on a Log.  See – I tried a new snack today and I learned some things.  These ants are celebrating now.

Next Up: National Creamed Fill Donut Day 



  1. Lola · September 15, 2016

    Ants on a schmear just cracked me up. My dad would be proud that your Jewishness is coming out more and more. Thanks for a great snack, bud!

    Liked by 1 person

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