Day 37 – National Coffee Ice Cream Day

I think I took an easy way out on this one.  Today was National Coffee Ice Cream Day but it was also National Read a Book Day.  When I realized this day was coming, my vision was to have a reading party with Lola where we both would read our books while chilling on our couch and at some point breaking for Coffee Ice Cream.  Sounds like a pretty great day.  But as with all great plans, you need to be flexible.  Today was just a long day.  We both woke up too early and when nighttime rolled around, we were both tired.  Our day was filled with appointments and with work and we both had been staring at a computer screens for most of the day.  We were just beat.

For dinner, I grilled up a couple of steaks that I had planned to grill on Sunday.  We ate them with a nice fresh salad and some potatoes that Cherie had given us (these were the star of the day and deserving of their own holiday – hope we see them again.)  We ate dinner on our couch and decided to turn on the television while we ate which is where our plan started to fall apart.  We got immersed in the show Narcos from Netflix and after dinner, when it was time to start the reading party, we both said we just wanted to keep watching Narcos.  You have to be flexible on this quest, otherwise you will never get through the grind of it.  We skipped our reading party, but I still had to celebrate the day in some way.  As a compromise, I ran up the street to Cumberland Farms, picked up some coffee ice cream which we then enjoyed while we finished the second episode of our new favorite show.  Pretty nice celebration, all things considered.

When we went up to bed, I did a little reading so I guess I really did “read a book” today.  Lola had read when she first woke up too, so we can say the day was celebrated.  I am reading a book called “Food: A Love Story” by comedian Jim Gaffigan.  It’s actually really funny and if you like his stand up, you will appreciate his book.  It’s one of those books I started reading a few months ago as a beach read but never got back to the beach, so I let it go.  Recently I picked it up again and now I am into it.  I also just finished the new Harry Potter book which was excellent as well.  Because it is a play and written as such, it was kind of like reading an outline of a full Harry Potter book where you get what the characters are doing and the story is mesmerizing, but you end up missing the narrative prose of J.K. Rowling.  Still a must read for any Potter fan.

Lola is reading about 8 books right now.  That’s kind of her thing.  Whatever room I go into at our house, I see a book with a bookmark in it that Lola is in the middle of (#LifeWithaWriter).  She’s really reading them all too.  She savors whatever she reads.  I know she is currently reading “The Color Purple”again because that was a book that has always affected her – a little literary treasure she likes to revisit.  She also just finished a book by local Rhode Island writer Ann Hood “The Book that Matters Most”.  Now she is into a new book by Glennon Doyle Melton “Love Warrior.”  I love being married to someone who loves books as much as Lola does.  I think that’s what Read a Book Day is all about – appreciating the thrill and joy of being immersed inside the pages of a book and the adventures and journey you take through the words you ingest.  We’ve always celebrated that and always will.


For the Coffee Ice Cream, the selection at Cumby’s was surprisingly small.  I ended up going the route of our old pals Benjamin and Jerome (Ben & Jerry’s).  As a small bit of Dan & Lola trivia, at our wedding, we named all the tables after Ben & Jerry flavors.  That involved going out and buying 18 different varieties of Ben & Jerry’s, cutting the lids off, scanning them in, enlarging them, then printing them out and laminating.  It also meant that we got to try 18 different flavors that summer.  A small price to pay just to be able to tell someone they will be sitting at the Chubby Hubby table.  Today I went for Ben & Jerry’s Coffee Toffee Bar Crunch.


This flavor used to be called Coffee Heath Bar Crunch but because Ben & Jerry are committed to sourcing non-GMO ingredients and Fair-trade Certified products, Heath Bar got the boot and they have added in a new Toffee Bar.  I haven’t had this flavor in a while, but the toffee tasted really fresh and was super crunchy, so I think the change is for the better.  Coffee Ice Cream is pretty much a standard for any ice cream maker and Ben & Jerry have certainly got that flavor mastered.  Smooth, subtle coffee flavor – just what you want.  All in all, a great flavor and combining it with the Toffee Bar was a near genius pairing.  It also makes the perfect ice cream for celebrating National Coffee Day especially when you are relaxing after a long day and immersed in the enchanting tale of the world’s most successful drug lord.  That’s how we celebrate!

(I just realized that Columbia’s second most famous export is coffee so we should get bonus holiday points for watching a show about Columbia while eating coffee ice cream on Coffee Ice Cream Day.)  


A throwback to our wedding: you’ll be sitting at the Cinnamon Buns Table, next to cousin Bertha.   

Next Up: National Beer Lover’s Day and National Salami Day (That seems like a poor combo for ugh… the future quality of air in these parts. #ForTheQuest)   



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