Day 33 – National Grits for Breakfast day

September is not making this easy.  Second day of the month and again I am met with holidays that are nearly impossible to celebrate.  National Lazy Mom’s Day was today which is meant to give Moms a break from the rigors of their daily lives and to enjoy a moment to themselves now that the kids are back in school.  Moms always deserve any kind of holiday they can get but I’m not exactly sure how I could celebrate this without being the guy that is calling moms lazy.  The other holiday today was College Colors Day and I have no problem showing off the Fairfield red, however that would really be me just wearing a red shirt today which is not really the big soiree of commemoration this day deserves.  I think that one belongs on a college campus.

Today was National Blueberry Popsicle Day and I don’t think I have ever seen a blueberry popsicle.  I’ve seen blue raspberry popsicles.  Those are good, but a far cry from blueberry. The option to make my own was there and most recipes involved an ice pop mold which I did not have and I couldn’t really justify the trip to a store to buy something I’d likely only use once.  The blueberry popsicle will have to wait.

That left me with one other option that I found on the website again: National Grits for Breakfast Day.  I don’t think I have ever made grits but for some reason, we had a bag of Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods Corn Grits (which Bob also identifies as polenta) in our pantry.  I think I had bought them for a recipe and never used them again.  But they were sealed tightly and still fresh enough to use.  The instructions to make were right on the packaging (simply add to boiling water and add some salt) and I whipped up a batch on the stovetop.  Because the holiday was “Grits for Breakfast,” I served them with milk and honey (local honey courtesy of a recent wedding we attended – a nice little party favor).  That was the serving suggestion for breakfast listed on the package.


I am not a grits expert by any means.  In fact, the only rule of grits I know comes from the movie My Cousin Vinnie and that is that grits take 15 to 20 minutes to cook unless they are “magic grits.”  My grits cooked in about 5 minutes but I also let them stand for a while so they could soak up all the water, so in total cooking time, I was right in that 20 minute timeframe.  I also discovered there is a burning yourself danger when you are cooking grits because once they soak in the liquid and you have to keep them on the heat, the air tries to escape causing the hot grits to bubble and fly out of the pan onto your arm.  Be careful out there people!

They were surprisingly good and as all grit lovers know, you need to doctor them up.  The milk and honey was a good addition (although more honey would have been better).  That formed a porridge which our special grit taster Brixton (who Lola was watching) was quick to point out.  I love that kids know what porridge is.  Brix decided not to try them in the end but Lola tried them and liked them.  I would have enjoyed them as a savory dish too with some cheese, butter and salt (and maybe some bacon and eggs), but we’ll save those for another day.

The real question of the day is that when I mentioned grits to Lola and Cherie, they both immediately thought of their sister Becky but couldn’t give me a reason why they associated her with grits.  Maybe it’s her Alabama roots?  Maybe it’s her easy country life style?  I don’t know, but it’s good to know there is a grit expert in our life.

Grits were celebrated today, for breakfast, and deserve more celebration throughout the year.

Next Up: National Welsh Rarebit day 


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