Day 32 – National Gyro Day

Our first day into a new month and things start off a bit bumpy.  I was ready to celebrate and excited I had finished a whole month of doing this.  The only problem was the holidays today were pretty hard to celebrate.  One holiday was Emma M. Nutt Day.  Emma it seems was the first woman telephone operator who took the job back in 1878.  Her day is a day to celebrate the world of telephone operators – which is not an easy position to celebrate in 2016.

Today was also National Chicken Boy Day.  Chicken Boy was a 22 foot tall statue who used to stand tall outside a Chicken Boy restaurant on Route 66 in California.  He became an icon of the road.  Thanks to progress, the statue was removed after the Chicken Boy restaurant went out of business and eventually found a new home in a design firm, but apparently Chicken Boy had great memories for the people of Los Angeles and it remains a great icon to celebrate.  However, over here on the right coast, it’s hard to celebrate.

Like I mentioned in yesterday’s post, today was also National No Rhyme (Nor Reason) Day which celebrates words in the English language which do not rhyme with any other words (also known as refractory rhymes).  So to celebrate, here are my favorites:

  • Orange
  • Month
  • Silver
  • Spirit
  • Chimney
  • Purple
  • Woman

Not much celebration in all that though.  I had to keep digging and find something I could actually celebrate.  Finally I found a site that lists all the food holidays.  This site will be a good fallback plan in case days like this come up again and I can’t figure out how or what to celebrate.  According to, today is National Gyro Day.  Now that I could celebrate.

For all it’s restaurants, Newport seems to be a little light on the Greek variety.  My search found a place on East Main Road in Middletown that sells gyros called the International Pocket Cafe.  That’s a place I have passed by hundreds of times but never stopped in.  It’s not very alluring from the outside and it’s in a spot that seems difficult to get in and out of, but I did recall a conversation I had with Lola’s sister Tara saying that she goes there often and it is good food.  That’s a good recommendation so Lola and I jumped in the car and made our way there under a beautiful sky and setting sun (did you see the sky?).

I was naturally going for the gyro which they served wrapped in a pita with lettuce, tomatoes and onions along with some falafel, Tzatziki sauce and hummus (also available as a plate).  Lola went the Souvlaki route which led to the question what’s the difference between the two?  Well, technically, a Gyro is a ground meat mixture, formed into a loaf, then grilled and thinly sliced. Souvlaki is cubes of meat (usually chicken, lamb or pork) usually skewered and grilled, like kababs.  However, Lola’s souvlaki was served with gyro meat, so we essentially had the same thing (Lola opting for hot sauce).  I think that although there is an actual difference between gyro and souvlaki, most people use the terms pretty loosely when it comes to ordering greek food and that’s where the confusion comes in.  That’s why we need an authentic greek restaurant in town.  Where’s Nia Vardalos when you need her?


All in all, it was a nice dinner.  I really like gyros and especially like the combination of the meat with the veggies inside a soft pita with the tzatziki sauce.  I think we may add Greek into the rotation of places to eat in the future.  We toasted Emma Nutt as we we feasted and all in all had a pretty nice night.  Opa!

Next Up: National Lazy Mom’s Day


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