Day 30 – National Toasted Marshmallow Day

There’s no better smell in the world than that of a toasted marshmallow.  That’s what I learned today.  I hope Yankee Candle has figured that out, or the folks at Febreeze.  We should be spraying that smell everywhere.  That’s what our house smelled like tonight.

Toasted Marshmallow seems like an easy holiday to celebrate because everyone loves S’mores.  In fact, we already celebrated them.  I thought that making s’mores again would be a bit of a cop out so I looked for other recipes and I settled on one that seemed intriguing: Toasted Marshmallow Milkshakes.  Toasted marshmallow with ice cream – how can you go wrong?

The first thing you do for the recipe is toast the marshmallows, so I lined them up like little soldiers and tossed them under the broiler for a few minutes.  That’s when it started smelling like heaven in our kitchen.  They didn’t take long and I kept a careful eye on them because anyone who has ever toasted a marshmallow knows they can turn on  you fairly quickly.  They came out to a spectacular golden brown perfection.


I added the ice cream, milk and the recipe’s secret ingredient, greek yogurt, to a blender and mixed it for a second, then scraped in the marshmallows and blended again.  Poured them in to two glasses and garnished with whipped cream (I used canned whipped cream – seemed more feasible for this purpose) and some crushed graham crackers.  They looked beautiful.


I was so looking forward to this and especially Lola’s reaction.  In the end, they were good, but I had some technical issues. Number one, I added too much milk so they could have been thicker (remember, Lola was raised on Awful Awfuls, so she has a standard for thickness in her shakes).  My other error was misreading the recipe.  Rather than adding a tablespoon of the greek yogurt, I added the container (5 oz).  That changed the taste significantly.  I blame this on my impatience in not thoroughly paying attention to the recipe, but also because I have a recurring eye injury that was acting up today and things in my left eye were definitely blurry (loyal reader Mrs. Isacco can attest that I even went to see my eye doctor).  Nonetheless, it was careless and the taste of the yogurt overpowered everything.  These would be great had I made them correctly.  Really great, so we may see these again (maybe we will make them for Cherie).  But tonight they were just ok.

Nonetheless, we celebrated and anytime I can clink glasses of fresh milkshakes with my Lola as the smell of toasted marshmallow fills the air is a pretty good day.

Next up: National Trail Mix Day (also National Diatomaceous Earth Day)


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