Day 28 – Cherry Turnover Today

Today was a rough one.  The first challenge came when it came time to actually make the turnover.  I wasn’t exactly sure what constitutes a turnover but apparently, they are pretty similar to the pies you get at McDonald’s (I also hear Arby’s has a pretty good cherry turnover, but not many Arby’s in these parts).  Once I realized what I was looking at, I searched out recipes and the one that spoke to me was from good old Martha Stewart.  Martha can get a little fancy for my blood, but this recipe looked easy enough.

But it wasn’t.  The instructions were simple but when it came to the part about rolling out the dough and stuffing the turnover, it got a little vague.  I could have really used a picture at this point which made me ask the question why this maven of the do-it-yourself world does not have proper photos for her recipes?  One little picture of what the dough and cherry mix were supposed to look like at this essential point of the recipe would have been of great help.  All I could do was read the recipe.  Reread it.  Then muscle through as best I could.

The issue was when I went to stuff the little rectangles of dough, the cherry mixture would ooze out, but if I put less mixture in, it looked like I had too much dough.  When I finally was able to make one and pushed the dough over to form the turnover, the dough wouldn’t seal properly and the juice from the cherry mixture started to drip onto my sheet pan.  That was my other concern: they never said to line the sheet pan with parchment or grease and the pastry dough seemed to stick to the pan creating a bigger mess (and burning the edges).  All in all in wasn’t the easiest to make, but in the end, they came out alright – I guess.  Cheers to the true pastry makers of the world out there for what you do!


I ate it later that night with some Bryer’s Vanilla Ice Cream (the best vanilla ice cream you can get in my opinion).  They were tasty.  The turnover was nice and flaky and the cherries were sweet.  You got plenty of both tastes in each bite and the ice cream proved to be a delightful complement.  It was pretty much a mini pie and that’s what it tasted like.  The recipe called for frozen cherries and I bet fresh cherries would be a lot better, but fresh cherries would have been a lot more work.  In the end, it was not my favorite celebration, but still a pretty fine tasting dessert.

The other challenge that I came up against today was that after 28 days of the quest, I think I finally broke Lola.  She has just had her fill of all these sweets and creations, and I can’t blame her.  She’s been a trooper all along and so, so supportive.  She just couldn’t keep on this pace and the thought of eating one more bite put her over the edge.  I will still have her support behind the scenes and she will be trying things beside me when the feeling is right, but for some of these tastings, I may be on my own.  The quest goes on, but I’ll take a minute to honor the fallen tribute who got me to this point.  May the odds be ever in her favor.

Cherry Popovers celebrated.

Next up: National Chop Suey Day 



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