Day 26 – National Cherry Popsicle Day

If you paid attention to your social media feeds today, you would have easily surmised that today was National Dog Day as everyone was posting pictures of their favorite canines in appreciation.  Not that there has ever been a shortage of dog pictures on Facebook, but seeing everyone’s pictures of their pups was a good reminder at how much these four-legged friends mean to us all.  However, when it comes to my quest, my issue was that I do not have a dog and, for that matter, never have.  I like dogs, I just have been allergic to them for all my life, so a life with dogs has never been my thing.  That makes it a tough holiday for me to celebrate.  I will however give a shout out to those dogs in my family’s lives that provide their respective owners with such companionship and joy: Rosie, Gracie, Kody and Wilbur.  Woof to your mother.


My brother Mark with his widdle Gracie-Wacie.  Happy National Dog Day!

Today was also National Women’s Equality Day too.  That’s something that deserves celebration.  To honor this, I spent all day treating Lola as my equal.  I paid her the same wage I pay her male counterparts.  I gave her the right to vote.  I even let her leave the dinner dishes over night so she didn’t have to clean up until the morning.  Seems fair.  I joke, of course.  Women’s Equality is something we need to celebrate every day and it even seems weird that it is still something women are fighting for in 2016.  But the battle continues, so we all need to make sure we recognize what women’s rights (equal rights for all actually) means to advancing our society as a whole. And while I’m all for this holiday, my conundrum again was how to actually celebrate it?

There were two other holidays I found for this day: National WebMistress Day and National Cherry Popsicle Day.  To my surprise, National WebMistress Day is not in celebration of  Rather, it celebrates women who design, develop, market and maintain websites.  I suppose that’s something to celebrate (although it could very much be a holiday created by a clever WebMistress).  I appreciate any kind of cool design or creation; never gave much consideration to what the gender of the designer was.  I feel that this appreciation is kind of what we are celebrating in our Woman’s Equality celebration.  Regardless, it is another tough one to actually celebrate.  By process of elimination, my celebration would fall to the Cherry Popsicle.


Today was friggen’ hot.  The humidity came back to RI and I couldn’t seem to find that homeostasis of comfort, especially in my office.  I’m not a fan of being hot – it makes me irritable and grumpy.  It was Friday, I was frustrated with searches for jobs on websites, I was sweating and just in a foul mood.  That’s when I realized we had a box of Popsicles in our freezer.  I set up the umbrella on our deck so I could secure some shade, grabbed the box of popsicles and opened it up.  I was excited about this multipack box because it had three great flavors: orange, grape and cherry.  I seem to remember this box always had an off flavor inside (like lemon or kiwi) that no one would eat, but orange, grape and cherry are probably my top three popsicle flavors so this box was ideal.  The only issue I had was that the popsicles were all individually wrapped in unidentified white paper that gave you no clue as to the flavor inside and orange, grape and cherry all have similar shades of darkness when you try to guess what it is through the packaging.  I figured the grape would be the darkest, orange the lightest, so I picked the other one and I was right – Cherry!

I can’t tell you anything about a cherry popsicle that you don’t already know, but it was the prefect afternoon treat on an awfully hot day.  I savored it underneath the umbrella looking out at what was actually a beautiful day.  Popsicles could fall into the perfect food category, at least perfect for what they are intended for.  They are sweet and flavorful (cherry syrup is a flavor of summer).  They have the perfect delivery system (what’s better than food on a stick).  They are cold and cooling.  That was pretty much perfect for this day.  Thank you Cherry Popsicle.  Consider yourself celebrated.


Ok – this is the same photo as above but without the fancy Instagram filter.  Maybe it was the heat stroke kicking in, but does anyone see a face at the top of this popsicle?  Oh my god, I think I ate the Jesus popsicle.  

Next Up: National Pots De Creme Day




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