Day 23 – National Sponge Cake Day

I found out today that sponge cake is a cake made from a batter containing eggs which have been beaten into a foamy consistency.  That’s what gives it that spongey quality.  Angel Food Cakes are made the same way but made with egg whites only – the sponge cake uses the yolk too.  I had never made a sponge cake before so looked online and found a recipe from a site called Natasha’s Kitchen that had a few words I like seeing in the search results line: easy and four ingredients.

Natasha didn’t steer me wrong either because it was easy and it really only had four ingredients (eggs, sugar, flour and baking powder).  I whipped it together in no time, tossed it in the oven and had two beautiful cakes in about 20 minutes.


But now what?  Do I just feast on plain sponge cake?  I decided that it needed a little something to spruce it up so I cut up some strawberries and sprinkled them with sugar and let them macerate for a while (will that give them hairy palms?).  I later cranked out some homemade whipped cream so I could build a Strawberry Sponge Cake (not sure if that’s a thing, but it is now).  I started with one cake, topped it with whipped cream, topped that with a layer of strawberries, put the second cake on top, topped with whipped cream and then finished with more strawberries.


It wasn’t perfect looking, but it got the job done.  Lola and I shared a piece after dinner.  Not surprisingly, it’s a little difficult to cut into as the cake is spongey and the knife kind of bounces back, but once you make it through, the piece comes out neatly.  It was really tasty.  The strawberries were fresh and ripe and blended well with the sweet fresh cream.  The cake really has a different texture to it with a lot of give, but a firmness too so when you are eating it, you really get the cake taste and crumbly consistency.  The three flavors were great as one and I even got a “this could be my favorite so far” from Lola.  Success.


All in all, a sponge cake is a pretty easy cake to make and definitely deserving of our celebration.  Don’t be shy if you want to try a piece – we have a bunch left over.  I’ll deliver locally!

Tomorrow: National Waffle Day (Eleven will be so excited) 


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