Day 22 – National Eat a Peach Day

I ate a peach today.  It was delicious.


I was worried it wasn’t going to be ripe enough – nobody wants an underripe peach that is as crunchy as an apple and has no flavor.  This one was just below peak ripeness.  It was juicy, tasty and still firm enough so that when I got to the pit, the pit came out as clean as a whistle.  Perfect.  One of my favorite fruits.

I also listened to the Allman Brothers album “Eat a Peach” which seemed appropriate.  I am not sure if I have ever listened to this whole album before as I am not much of a Jam Band fan.  However, if you can’t listen to some Allman Brothers from time to time, especially on a beautiful ramblin’ summer day, then you shouldn’t be listening to rock and roll.

Consider Eat a Peach day celebrated.  I am kind of glad we got an easy one today.  We needed a little break.  There’s been pies and ice cream aplenty over the last three weeks so having a day to enjoy the simple pleasure of a summer peach was most welcome.  The quest continues to be a challenge and looking ahead to what’s next, planning for it, making it and celebrating it takes up more time than I imagined.  It’s fun though and I love having all your support.  As the job hunt has begun too, the quest is an odd little side project that has been keeping me looking ahead and positive in a time where moments of reality start to overwhelm.  So I’ll keep grinding away at it.  Thanks for reading.

Next up: National Sponge Cake Day  



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