Day 19 – National Soft Ice Cream day

This was an easy one.  You don’t have to go too far to find soft ice cream and ninety degree days make searching for it that much easier.  I did start the day by looking up what exactly makes soft ice cream soft.  According to Wikipedia, soft serve is generally lower in milk-fat (3% to 6%) than ice cream (10% to 18%) and is produced at a temperature of about −4 °C compared to ice cream, which is stored at −15 °C.  Soft serve also contains air, introduced at the time of freezing, that gives it that smooth, airy texture.  I think I’ll quiz the teenager working the counter at Dairy Queen on my next trip.

Aquidneck Islanders would assume that we would naturally go to Frosty Freez for soft ice cream.  It’s kind of the place to go in town and it’s a great place.  However, we wanted to go on a little adventure so we headed over the Sakonnet Bridge and into Tiverton to a place called the Moose Cafe.  This is an ice cream shop that we had been to years ago with Barry and Gigi when the four of us had jumped into Barry’s car and took a scenic trip around the area and then stopped here for a quick ice cream break.  I’m sure it was a place that was on Barry’s list of stops when he was out on his motorcycle and he was excited to take us there.  It’s a cute place with an extensive menu boasting over 300+ ice cream flavors (yes 300!).  It has a cafe menu too for food and according to them, the best stuffies (stuffed quahogs for you non Rhode Islanders) in the world.  It’s big inside – much bigger than your usual ice cream place and cutely decorated.


The soft serve flavors they had today were vanilla and chocolate and I can’t really think of any other flavors I would want for soft serve.  Lola went with the kiddie size vanilla cone (which is something she has cravings for every once in a while so it was nice to have one with her) and I went with the chocolate-vanilla swirl cone with jimmies on top.   We sat outside on a bench and enjoyed as the summer sun started the slow melt of our celebrated treat.

Eating soft serve in the sun takes some skill.  You have to keep a pace of licking the ice cream so it doesn’t start dripping down over your fingers.  You are on the clock, battling the sun, but you have to make sure you balance where you lick so it stays even and you also have to pace yourself so you don’t get an ice cream eye ache (or brain freeze as some call it).  I call that skill of ice cream licking conealingus (which is a term I’d like to trademark).  In any case, once you get your ice cream level with the cone, you are in the clear and you can just enjoy what the crunch of the wafer cone now brings to the party.  You also need enough napkins to make sure your hands are clean when finished.

Soft Serve has been celebrated on our end.  We only hope that others go out on this beautiful summer night and enjoy some too.  It’s a perfect night for it and it’s a treat that is always best enjoyed with the ones you love.


Next Up: Chocolate Pecan Pie Day


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